Speed Up Mac – How to Guide

Speed Up Mac – How to Guide

October 14, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Mac is classic. Almost every Apple lover likes Mac. But sometimes Mac becomes too slow. You may be disappointed. Then you need to speed up Mac by following some ways. Speeding up Mac is very easy. Today, I’ll explain how to speed up Mac.

    How to Speed Up Mac

    Speed Up Mac:

    To speed up Mac you have to follow some steps. Now i’m describing them one by one.

    1. Turn Off Unnecessary Login Items:

    How to Speed Up Mac XtremeRain

    Disable Unnecessary Login Items – Mac – Click to View Full Size

    Like startup items of Windows, Mac has login items. Excessive login items can slow down your Mac. So turn of unnecessary login items to speed up Mac. To turn of login items go to System Preferences > Users & Groups. Then click on Login Items. Uncheck all unnecessary apps. Done.

    2. Remove Unnecessary Apps and Files:

    Remove unnecessary apps. Delete all unnecessary files from your hard drive. It will speed up Mac performance.

    3. Clear Caches, logs & temporary items:

    Regular clear all caches, log files and temporary items, If you want to speed up Mac.

    4. Update OS:

    Always try to keep update your Mac. It will stop slowing down problem and speed up Mac.

    5. Disable Auto-Resume:

    How to Speed Up Mac

    Auto-Resume is an excellent feature of Mac. But it can slow down your Mac. So you also can disable this feature to speed up Mac. To disable it Open System Preferences. Now click on General. Then uncheck Restore windows when quitting and restoring apps.

    6. Use Compatible Apps:

    Always try to use compatible apps with your OS version. Incompatible apps may slow down your favorite Mac.

    7. Add More RAM:

    Adding more RAM will speed up Mac performance. RAM is so costly for Mac. So don’t buy it from Apple. You can find RAM in cheap rate by searching online.

    8. Upgrade to SSD:

    SSD is more powerful than your normal hard drive. SSD is ideal for Mac. So you also can replace your traditional hard drive with a brand new SSD. It will speed up Mac performance.

    These are some basic tips to speed up Mac. But i’ll update this article in the feature with some new and awesome steps to boost your Mac performance.

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