Fix Start Menu and Cortana aren’t not Working Critical Error

Fix Start Menu and Cortana aren’t not Working Critical Error

September 16, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Microsoft’s most recent Windows operating system Windows 10 is just great with its new features and improved performance. But many users are facing some problems. Windows 10 start menu cortana and aren’t not working problem is one of them. Millions of users upgraded to windows 10. I think more than one million users found start menu & cortana showing critical error after start up windows. This problem known as windows 10 critical error at start up. Everytime users see that this problem comes with following message “Start menu and cortana aren’t working. we’ll try to fix it the next time you sign in“. But after restarting PC, This nightmare returns automatically. A few users found a restart worked as primary solution. But most of the users experienced worst. Because, This critical error repeated tremendously. As a result, Many users were forced to roll back to previous version of windows like windows 8.1, 8 & windows 7. Microsoft is also aware of this windows crash problem. But we can do something to fix this cortana & start menu problem.  It has solution like other problems. In this article, you will know how to fix windows 10 start menu & Cortana not working problem.

    windows 10 start menu cortana not working problem

    How to Fix Windows 10 Start Menu and Cortana aren’t not Working:

    You can fix windows 10 start menu not working as well as Cortana not working problem in several ways. Normally, this problem can be solved by a simple restart. But sometimes, that not work and that is not a perfect solution. Now you will know all of the solutions one by one.

    Best Method to Fix Critical Error Start Menu and Cortana aren’t Working:

    The best method is removing culprit apps in safe mode. So to do it, You have to boot windows 10 into safe mode. But your start menu isn’t working? What you will do. Let’s See-

    • Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and select Task Manager.
    • Now click on File and Run New Task.
    • Now type msconfig and press Enter.
    • Now System Configuration Window will be opened.

    safe mode by msconfig windows 10

    • Click on Boot tab and select Safe boot.
    • Now press OK & Restart your PC.
    • Now your PC will be opened in safe mode. Now uninstall the apps which you installed recently and after that you are facing critical error – Start menu & Cortana aren’t working.
    • Then go to msconfig again and uncheck safe mode.
    • Restart your PC and See magic. Start Menu and Cortana not working problem has gone.

    critical error start menu cortana not working screenshot windows 10

    Note: Some antiviruses or incompatible software/apps may create start menu & cortana are not working problem. So check before uninstalling any innocent apps. Read Also – Ways to Run Windows 10 in Safe Mode.

    Some Common Methods to Fix Start Menu and Cortana aren’t Working:

    Hopefully, You won’t face start menu not working error again. If you need additional solutions, You can follow these methods given below.

    Method 1: Restart Windows Explorer

    This can be your first solution. Restarting windows explorer may solve windows 10 start menu not working problem. To do it –

    • Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete from you Keyboard.
    • Then click on Task Manager.
    • Now find Windows Explorer from process list of windows task manager.
    • Right click on Windows Explorer & select Restart.

    restarting windows explorer may fix windows 10 start menu cortana not working

    This method may work for you, If you are lucky.

    Method 2: Fix from Windows PowerShell

    This is a great method to fix windows 10 start menu & Cortana not working problem. It works for many users. To fix start menu not working from Windows PowerShell follow the steps below.

    • From task manager, click on File and Run new task.

    Run new task from task manager - start menu not working windows 10

    • Then type PowerShell and hit Enter.
    • After that, Windows PowerShell will be opened. Just right click on the powershell from taskbar and select Run as Administrator.

    run as admin windows powershell - start menu not working


    But if you can’t right click on your taskbar, there is another way to open powershell in Administrator mode. To do it –

    – Open task manager in fewer view mode.

    – Then you will see the list of running apps. Right click on Powershell and select Open file location.

    Start Menu not Working Task Manager Open File Location

    – Then you will see the original location of Windows PowerShell. Just right click on it and select run as administrator.

    start menu not working powershell run as admin

    • In poweshell paste the command given below and hit enter.

    Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}

    • Wait for completing the process. You may see some pop up errors. Just ignore them.

    You also can do this by the following steps-

    • Open Command Prompt with Administrator by following same methods.
    • In command prompt type powershell. Then press Enter.
    • Then type the command mentioned above.
    • Press Enter and wait for a minutes.

    Hopefully, this method will work for you. If you still face windows 10 start menu & cortana not working error, then follow the next method.

    Method 3: Delete TileDataLayer (New Method)

    This an excellent method to fix start menu and cortana critical error You just need to delete an folder named TileDataLayer. To do it –

    • Open Run from task manager. How to open it i have already mentioned above.
    • Now type %LOCALAPPDATA%\ andpress Enter.
    • Then, Find the folder TileDataLayer and delete it.
    • At last, Try method 2 again. I hope, It will fix microsoft windows 10 start menu and cortana critical error.

    Method 4: Fix Critical Error Start Menu and Cortana aren’t Working from Command Prompt

    Windows 10 start menu not working problem can be fixed by a simple command on command prompt. To do it-

    • Right click on Start Button (Windows Logo) and select Command Prompt (Admin). Or run it as administrator like powershell, If your can’t right click on taskbar.

    Windows 10 Start menu not working - Command Admin

    • Then type the following command and hit enter.

    ren %windir%\System32\AppLocker\Plugin*.* *.bak

    • Restart your PC.

    See if windows 10 start menu & cortana not working problem has been fixed.

    Method 5: Fix from Services

    It is very easy. Just follow the steps.

    • Open Run from Windows task manager as before.
    • Type SERVICES.MSC and hit enter.
    • Find Application Identity.
    • Right click on that and select Start.

    This method may work for you to fix windows 10 start menu & cortana not working.

    Method 6: Fix by Doing System Restore

    System Restore can be a effective solution. You can restore your PC to its previous restore point to fix windows 10 start menu and cortana aren’t working. To do it, Follow the method 3 & 4 of the following article: Ways to Do System Restore in Windows.

    Fix Search not Working:

    If you are in cortana unsupported country and face problem with search, Restart search function from windows task manager. To know how you will do it, Follow method 1.

    Alternative Method:

    If you don’t find any helpful solutions from this article, I will suggest you to search about the solution online. The last method may be is resetting windows. To do it create windows 10 bootable pendrive or DVD. Then Install it from your windows (not Boot menu) by selecting keep personal files. Know more at- How to Do a Fresh Windows 10 Installation

    I hope all of these methods will help you to fix critical error windows 10 start menu and cortana aren’t working.

    You also can find solutions from Microsoft Supports Page.