The Stayblcam Video Stabilizer Review

The Stayblcam Video Stabilizer Review

October 27, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    The smartphone video stabilizer is an in demand product for anyone looking to improve their video experience by recording through their smartphone, Go-Pro and compact cameras.

    Stayblcam Video Stabilizer Review

    This is mostly down to the shaky nature of handheld video recording.

    If you are a regular at recording videos with your smartphone, then chances are you have being frustrated when you are unable to stop videos from shaking.

    Luckily for us all, readily available video stabilizers have changed all that. Nowadays, you can seamlessly record near perfect videos on your smartphone and capture lasting memories with just a tiny investment spent on smartphone stabilizers.

    You want to record stable, steady shots everytime you go outdoor for a picnic, hike or jog.

    But that is not always the case, and the limitations are equally annoying, even for owners of the iPhone and other top tier devices that lack inbuilt stabilizers amongst their most popular features.

    It is not a surprise then, that a stabilizer market is the last viable alternative to such limitations. And there is plenty to choose from, and you need only peek at technology websites like Kickstarter to see the options at your disposal. A stabilizer works by eliminating unwanted shaking during handheld recording. The best part is that most stabilizers are small and handheld compared to old fashioned, bulky machinery needed in professional fields.

    Stabilizers turn shaky videos into better, professionally looking clips that are ready to be shared amongst friends, social media or You Tube.

    While some camera lenses in modern times come designed with image stabilizing capabilities, it is not always enough in cases where you need to capture shots in awkward angles.

    In addition to being the goto solution for shake free videos in smartphones and GoPro cameras, stabilizers also save you money and space by being surprisingly affordably priced and miles lighter than stabilizer rigs, cranes and other equipment.

    Stayblcam Video Stabilizer Full Review

    How and Where to Find the Perfect Stabilizer

    Before buying any stabilizer from the market, you are well advised to consider the following factors. To begin with, quality and price should always go hand to hand. While quality should always come first, always be wary of money hungry promoters that only want to sell you the same/similar product at an inflated price but offering the same or below average results.

    If you are looking for value, then every penny matters. Value is represented when great quality goes at an affordable price. Quality, on the other hand is judged by the durability and usefulness of the product material as it should resist breakage and last a while.

    Having analyzed a few options in the market, I mostly recommend Stayblcam for anyone looking to record stable looking videos with some advantages on usability, quality and pricing.

    Introducing Stayblcam Video Stabilizer for Smartphones

    Stayblcam is the ideal video stabilizer for smartphone and cameras. A video stabilizer is judged on performance and results and this definitely fits the bill. It allows you to get similar results as if you were using professional equipment but at a fraction of the cost. At its market price of $74, Stayblcam gives you an incredible edge over handheld and ordinary recording and gives professional stabilizing equipment much needed competition.

    With such an effective stabilizer at your disposal, you are able to get creative and experimental with your shots and at the same time ensure you never miss a memorable moment of your life that needs capturing be it your baby’s first steps, learning to ride a bike, skating outdoor or just a fun road trip.

    Main Features

    The Stayblcam comes with an inbuilt foam slot that is designed to hold the the phone in place. To hold camcorders and Go-Pro cameras, you will need to unscrew the head and mount it on a tripod screw that pops from underneath.

    How it looks

    A cylindrical finish makes up for much of its length on top of an in built ABS plastic with a mixture of matte collar, a foam rubber grip and an aluminium handle.


    At less than two feet long and two inches wide, the size is favourable to the user and also portable allowing you to easily ferry it to your desired shooting destinations without hassle.


    It weighs around a pound or so and it might drag you a bit when carried in your pockets but a back pack of any size is perfect and you will be good to go.

    How To Use Stayblcam

    There is a right and wrong way for using Stayblcam, so follow these simple steps to make sure you are on the right track.

    For perfect results, follow these simple steps:

    To start recording, fit the smartphone on the foam slot for a proper grip and adjust the length accordingly.

    Start by balancing the Stayblcam horizontally with your smartphone or camera attached to the foam.

    Next, place it upright while letting your fingers provide support and guide it. This will give you full control.

    While keeping it at a small distance from your body, relax your elbow and wrist to allow for smooth flowing movements.


    The biggest win for Stayblcam of course is that it works perfectly well with all smartphones, compact and action cameras. It is amazingly user friendly and portable for all your outdoor needs.

    At a very affordable price of $69.95, it is growing in popularity for anyone looking to turn shaky videos into professional looking videos that can be shared with friends, YouTube and social media channels or just stored to create lasting memories.

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