Stellar Phoenix Free Data Recovery Software Review

Stellar Phoenix Free Data Recovery Software Review

October 25, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Data recovery tools have been very popular nowadays. A few years ago, People became disappointed after losing their valuable files, photos and memorable videos. But, Nowadays, Even a normal user can recover any deleted or lost files. It has become possible because of easy and user friendly data recovery solutions. But, Most users can’t effort them because of the price. Many users don’t like to pay a few dollars only to recover a few photos or files. But, Stellar Phoenix data recovery software is different. Because, By using it, You can recover your deleted items for free.

    Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Software Screenshot

    Stellar Phoenix Free Data Recovery Software Review:

    This is actually a freemium software available for both Windows and Mac. It means you can use it for free. If you like it, You can pay to have premium version. Free version includes all major features. The only difference is free version will let you recover 1 GB data while premium version recovers unlimited. Anyway, Let’s know about it in details.


    It has all common features that you will need. Here are some of them i should mention –

    • Driver recovery
    • Lost partition recovery
    • CD, DVD and Other Removable media recovery
    • Specific file formats recovery
    • Recovery from disk images
    • Recovery from specific location
    • Preview
    • Deep scan

    These are the core features. I have liked stellar phoenix free data recovery software. Because, It is free. But, It has all major premium features. Unlike most premium recovery solutions, Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery let you recover deleted items from specific locations. So, Instead of scanning a whole drive, You can simply choose a folder to scan. Like other recovery solutions, You can choose any specific file formats that you want to recover. You also have the ability to recover deleted email messages only. That’s another feature i have liked so much.

    Else, You can recover data from a corrupted CD or DVD or any other removable media, disk images, lost partitions etc. It means, It also can recover files from deleted or lost partition from hard drive. After all, It has almost all necessary features that you may like.

    Stellar Phoenix Free Data Recovery Software Interface


    In fact, This is one of the simplest data recovery software. It has a simple and user friendly interface which seems extremely easy to me. After opening this, You will see a list of categories of file types. From there, You can choose which file type you want to get back. Then, You can go forward and choose the location of deleted files. You will also find the all necessary options very easily. I think, Most people will like its interface.


    To check stellar phoenix free data recovery software’s performance quality, I’ve tried to recover a few deleted items from my hard drive. At first, I’ve deleted some of my files by using Shift + Delete button from keyboard. After scanning with stellar phoenix, I’ve found and successfully recovered them all. It has not required deep scan. After that, I’ve formatted a drive and tried to recover files from it. Normal scan has not work for it. But, Deep scan has found all the lost items. I’ve also found my deleted partitions and files by using stellar phoenix free data recovery software. I think that its scan quality is really good and it can recover any files very easily. I should appreciate it.

    Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Software Loading Lost Items List


    One thing i did not like. When you run deep scan and found thousands of lost files, It may take a very long time to show the whole list and it will show you “Loading. Please wait…” message. It is normal. It may take time to load a bigger list. But, You can’t stop this loading process which is actually not good. Only, You will have one thing to do is closing the software. Sometimes, Close button may become unresponsive. In that case, You can use task manager to force close. Anyway, There should be a button something like stop process and developer can take their attention into this issue. This is the only major issue i have found. Else, You may complain that Stellar Phoenix free data recovery software lets you recover only 1 GB of data. I don’t think it is an issue. Because, You are getting many cool things for free.


    If you are looking for a free recovery solution that performs better and can recover lost items, Stellar Phoenix free data recovery software can be a good choice. You can check it out from here: You can recover 1 GB of data without any cost. So, It’s worth a try.