How to Stop Autoplay Videos Facebook

How to Stop Autoplay Videos Facebook

November 1, 2018 By kirsten

    This is known to all that facebook videos plays automatically silently in news feeds. It is when you scroll down or put your mouse courser in video. This feature is good for some users. There are also some users who don’t like this feature. A large number of facebook users browse it by cellular network. Their bandwidth is also limited. So it is a big issue for them. But facebook allows you stop this feature manually. Now you will know the way to stop autoplay videos facebook.

    How to Stop Autoplay Videos Facebook:

    You can easily stop autoplay videos by following the instructions below.

    • At first login into your facebook account from PC.
    • Then go to Settings or navigate to
    • On the bottom of left sidebar, You will see an option called Videos.
    • Click on it. Or you can directly navigate to
    • You will see the video settings page. There will be two sections: Video Quality & AutoPlay Videos.
    • Click on Default of Autoplay videos and choose Off.
    • Now go to your newsfeed and see no videos play automatically.

    Facebook also allows you to control autoplaying video quality. So, If you want to keep autoplaying video feature on, But want to control video quality, You can follow the instructions below.

    • Go to Video Setting page like before. You also can navigate directly to
    • Click on default of Video Quality section.
    • Choose SD Only, If you want low quality autoplay videos facebook. You also can choose HD if available option for HD quality autoplay videos.

    These are the methods to stop autoplay videos facebook or control autoplay videos quality. In some regions, Facebook videos autoplay feature may be not available. But when it becomes available in your region, You can follow this same instructions.