How to Stop Chrome from Running in the Background

How to Stop Chrome from Running in the Background

September 5, 2018 By kirsten

    Are you facing battery draining issues in your PC? There are many hidden reasons behind it that you probably noticed before. The Google chrome browser could still run after you close it. It can be one of the secret issues that are hindering your pc’s performance. Installed add-ons, extensions, some websites and many more other things would continuously running Google Chrome in the background. Popping up notifications from Facebook, Mails and Google Hangouts makes your works easier but this also could drain on your Pc’s battery life. Getting notifications is really handy. On the other hand this slows down your computer’s performance, increase CPU usage and swallows your battery life.

    chrome background process

    Stop Google Chrome from Running in the Background:

    Sometimes you might not want to get pop up notification even your browser is not open. You would need to disable Google Chrome from running in the background if you take it as annoying for you. We can close any windows app or browser clicking on the close button “(X)”. Guess what? It is not always appropriate for Google Chrome. Only clicking on ‘X’ doesn’t mean that Google Chrome is fully closed in the background. You can fix it very easily and the best part is that you have to do the Settings just for once. This would prevent to stay extensions or apps awake in the background.

    Whether it’s Linux or Windows the process is same. Let’s know the fixing method.

    1. Open your Google Chrome browser.
    2. Check the taskbar and click on Menu icon. Or press (Alt+E).
    3. Select Settings option.
    4. Choose Show Advanced Settings.
    5. You will see a box under the System section.
    6. Untick the box “Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed”.

    If you want to enable this feature running in the background on your Pc, repeat the steps and tick the box at the end. To ask anything feel free to comment below.