Stores Closing is a New Reality

Stores Closing is a New Reality

August 16, 2019 By ellen

    Why are Stores Closing?

    Payless Shoe Store Closing

    Familiar stores are closing down becuase of the need for online shopping. It is just a click away for any item we want or desire. With just a click of the mouse, we can find or research any item. If you want to find a rare item, try Amazon.

    The Benefits of Both Options with Shopping


    Amazon will have the item you want because they carry books, jewelry, gadgets, clothing, shoes, and everything. There are a number of clothing websites like Stitch Fix that will send you clothes in the style you want. Most brick and mortar stores have online retail as well. They also have deals often times, and this attracts customers.

    Online Stores Have Convenience


    What do online stores have compared to brick and mortar? The convenience of not getting in your car on a cold day is so much more appealing. In-store shopping can sometimes take hours. Avoidance of dealing with crowds is beneficial. During the holidays, it is especially convenient. Free shipping, sometimes at Target, is available. Shopping from home is easier especially if you have a large family. Taking three little kids to the store, who are cranky and tired, does not sound preferable.

    What Does a Brick and Mortar Store Offer Compared to an Online Store?

    • Being able to interact with physical items: clothes, cosmetics, furniture, or food items.
    • Goods can be obtained immediately
    • Customer service – the ability to speak directly to a sales representative and get further information
    • Avoiding shipping costs
    • Avoiding the hassle of returning unwanted items

    Experience and Social Interaction with Shopping

    Social Store

    The experience with people/friends with other activities such as dining, having a specialty coffee, or just socializing is a part of shopping during the holiday season especially. Buying all gifts online is sterile and detached from the world if you are a social person. If you have children, have you ever taken your child to shop with you at the store? A child can solve mathematical problems when shopping with a parent. Opportunities like these are missed when shopping online.