How Students Can Deal with Lack of Motivation

How Students Can Deal with Lack of Motivation

October 4, 2018 By kirsten

    It is not uncommon for students to feel lack of motivation during their studies. Most of the times, the reasons behind this phenomenon are the destructive thoughts that students have and procrastination.

    The best way to get yourself motivated is to get rid of the negative thoughts and try to analyze what makes you feel unwilling to get the job done. There are a few strategies that can help you improve the level of motivation and get you through the studies.

    Lack of Motivation Student

    Motivational strategies:

    Focusing on the effort, using positive thinking, altering the expectations and changing your thoughts are the four best strategies that can help you deal with the problem. You might think that these are just general strategies that won’t work, but you are wrong.

    What we can tell you is this: you will need to make a big effort in order to motivate yourself and get back on the horse. It won’t be easy, and sometimes it won’t make sense, but it is the only way.

    Motivating yourself by altering expectations and focusing on effort:

    Instead of focusing on the final results and tripping out about it, focus on doing the best you can and giving all you’ve got when studying. In order to improve the final results, you must improve the process of studying. Once you get a positive feedback for the effort, you will become even more motivated and try harder.
    It takes time to change your routine and for the studying to become a habit. Don’t pressure yourself into achieving great results from the beginning because you will get disappointed once again. Achieving a small success should be praised and used as additional motivation.

    Lack of Motivation Problem of Students - How to Deal

    Motivate yourself by changing thoughts and using the positives sides:

    Once you find yourself thinking bad things, STOP! Instead, try to think of constructive thoughts and focus on the good things you have done. Reward yourself after every success, even if it is a small one.
    Also, if there is a certain subject you don’t like, you can start by studying it and then once you are done, you can continue with a subject you like. Doing things you like in between will increase your motivation. Be responsible and reward yourself only if you finish studying.

    Studying is not always fun, but it is essential. That’s why you need to push yourself and use these strategies to increase motivation. One step at a time and you will manage to get back on the right road.

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