Are You Suffering From Technology-Related Disorder Netbrain?

Are You Suffering From Technology-Related Disorder Netbrain?

August 16, 2019 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Netbrain is a technology related disorder. Over using of internet causes this. It’s an addiction of urging to use internet mostly on electronic devices. This disorder impacts on a person’s wellbeing. It was first identified by VisualDNA a London-based technology and Psychometrics Company, and University College London. Sometimes, it is necessary to spend your time online but it is not mandatory always.  Approximately, 182 million of the whole world is suffering from internet addiction. Day by day the latest gadgets are taking over the trend. So, this trend is leading people to many technology-related disorders. One of them is Netbrain.

    Suffering from Netbrain Disorder

    What Is Technology-Related Disorder Netbrain?

    After analyzing 1000 people’s web and phone, researcher has found this Netbrain disorder. It is also known as iDisorder. Sufferers can show symptoms like narcissism, poor attention span, fear of missing out (FOMO) and upset feeling when unable to online.

    11% or 5.7 million of British adults suffer from this disorder. This disorder sufferer more likely to involve in socializing in social networks, gambling, playing video games, depression, researcher claimed. Smartphones users are more suffering from this disorder than others. According to the study of VisualDNA Netbrain includes a third of people aged 18 to 34, 11% of 35 to 54 year olds, 4% of people aged over 55 years.

    Passionate and uninhibited people are more often get addiction of technology than others. People who score high for Netbrain are more likely to show some different behaviors than others.

    Symptoms Of Netbrain:

    There are so many things that can reflect within you, when you’re suffering from Netbrain. Let’s discuss about them.

    1. Using Devices More Than Anything:

    Nowadays, smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops and many more other gadgets are at hand to be online at anytime. So, everyone is using them extremely. People who loves to spend time on web likely to avoid other work. They show poor performance in their personal or professional activities. If you are giving priority to stay online longer than you anticipated than you must get worried. It can create a problem for you when your planned online time goes from few minutes to hours gradually.

    1. Are You Isolating From Family & Friends?

    People who are suffering from Netbrain become anti-socialize due to their over use of technology. It may show people avoid their friends and family to be online. Even, they might leave from the family or friends gathering to participate online activity.

    1. Unable to Complete Work Due To Over Usage of Web:

    Sufferer of this disorder finds difficulty to finish tasks of work at office or business place as they spend too much on internet. If you are someone who can’t stay back from using internet even you have so many tasks pending than you are possibly an internet addicted.

    1. Do You Get Euphoric Feelings When Using Internet?

    To reduce stress you may participate in online activity. It’s a normal matter. But, if you only find happiness in web to gain mentally pressure, excitement or sexual gratification then it must be a problem. Unable to boost mood without web is just a crucial problem.

    1. Do You Keep Thinking About Your Last Internet Session?

    People who suffer from Netbrain tend to think about their last internet session. Else, they may get upset or bad feeling when they are unable to use web for a very little period of time. So, you may see an urge to use internet in them always.


    You should be alert when technology starts to make influences in your well beings according to Dr. Richard Graham, a technology addiction programmer in London’s Capio Nightiangle Hospital and MailOnline. When people have an unknown feeling of withdrawal or not having any buzz during work as not having access to internet is actually a horror thing for your life. So, you should know how to manage personal life with technology properly and stay safe from Netbrain disorder.