Surface Headphones: New Innovation for Technology

Surface Headphones: New Innovation for Technology

December 5, 2018 By ellen

    Microsoft is once again creating a device: headphones. These are no ordinary headphones. They have a signature design.  Minimalistic and grey, they hold more device capabilities then expected.

    What is Most Favorable? 

    The surface headphones definitely have modern features with all the extra added components.  The Surface Headphones are also engineered for modern lifestyles, which means they include noise canceling (NC), deft switching between multiple paired devices, and, of course, USB-C.

    How Do They Stand Out?

    What makes these headphones stand out compared to other headphones? They have easy to control dials, excellent wireless performance, and noise canceling capabilities. The best feature about these surface headphones is the wireless connection is faster and effective. You can walk anywhere in the house while having no interference from other devices. Other appliances in the kitchen do not interfere with the connection.


    Headphones: A Modern Accessory

    Headphones have come a long way in the audio industry. First, they started as ear phones surrounding the ear, then the “walkman” was mobile, and later ear buds came into existence. Now, earphones are highly technical with internet access and more noise canceling capabilities.  Headphones in the 80s were not stylish; however, now they are not only stylish but functional in various ways.  Headphones can now be manipulated. They even have dials on the sides for adjusting music with pausing or moving forward.


    The Benefits Overcome the Issues

    The issues with Microsoft Surface Headphones are that they are not fitted to the head in a comfortable way, the sound favors a lower bass sound, and the battery life is not supported efficiently.  However, they have a stylish, minimalist exterior, featuring aluminum yokes, a steel headband, and a lot of high-quality plastic.The texture is quite smooth, shiny, and aesthetically appealing.