How Surveillance Apps Can Cease Female Predators from Stealing Your Men

How Surveillance Apps Can Cease Female Predators from Stealing Your Men

October 20, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    You are on a dinner date with your husband and suddenly the mobile chimes. He reads the text and there is a subtle smile on his face. This person probably be the one he is unintentionally smiling for the last few days and you are observing it. Also, you have recently noticed he has started singing and whistling while doing the various chores and his eyes stay on his cell phone while talking to you. These are not the clues he is busy. He might be into some other woman. (he might be into some other woman).

    Monitoring and Spying on Smartphone

    Your partner on the question might tell you that we were just being friends or she recently had a bad relationship. May be to cry on a shoulder is all she wants but remember “the damsel in distress” game works most of the time and here is how your partner is being trapped by these female predators.

    Or may be!

    Your boyfriend is excusing for work but actually not found there whenever you ring his office.  Is there any other girl around he is attracted to?

    He can also in an attempt, you become lenient for his relationships with other girls, tells that her car broke in the middle of the road and he just went to get her out of trouble or calling a mechanic.

    While sharing these little things to keep you feel secure in the presence of another girl, he is trying to pretend, he still loves you. Whereas, you explicitly feel this is not the case.

    Surveillance Apps Monitoring

    These are times you are bewildered by the fact that you are being cheated but the at the same time constantly told that you are loved too. It is difficult to believe either, and particularly when you don’t know what actually is happening.

    How Surveillance Apps can Help:

    This is where an android tracking app like XNSPY can tell you all you want to know about your partner’s daily activities. Let’s take a look at how this latest spy app for android phones will let you see the other side of the coin where your man is hiding the truth of his unintended betrayal.

    What is XNSPY?

    XNSPY is an android tracking app which can monitor if your partner is under the threat of being lured by some lady who is just trying to steal him underhandedly. This could be his secretary, customer or a girl who meets him daily in the gym. But how could you know if she can be that person? This app gives you a remote access to your partner’s cell phone and lets you know who she can be by monitoring his calls, SMS and Instant messaging communication.

    How to Install?

    1. In order to install the app, you first need an xnspy subscription plan. After buying a subscription plan, xnspy will automatically create an online account of user
    2. The credentials of the account and activation code will be shared with the user via email. Now install XNSPY on the target device
    3. Insert the provided activation code and start monitoring your partner.

    How to Spy On Your Man Foolproof….

    Spying on Call Logs Text Messages

    Monitoring the Call Logs and Text Messages.

    You can easily view who contacts your partner via monitoring call logs and text messages. The female predator might first appear as male but, later on, show her true colors once your man is completely in her claws. This latest spy app for Android phones reveals all. You will clearly view the text and track call log to see who contacts him.

    If you want to know like what they talk about, xnspy lets you record calls. This will help you to listen to each and every conversation of your guy with the potential predator.

    Monitoring Smartphone 3

    View Instant Messaging Apps.   

    Most of the communication these days happens on instant messaging apps where these predators share private photos and videos to lure the person. In order to seek if your husband or boyfriend is trapped in their hoax, you must monitor these Instant Messaging Apps closely. The aforementioned android tracking app will help you to track his Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook etc. You can see the photos and videos stored on his device shared by these female predators.

    Location Tracking:  

    What if your boyfriend is constantly lying to you about his location that he is busy while sitting with an office colleague and chatting about common interests? Remember, the female predators might hang out with your man like friends but later starting sharing photos and pictures which intend to build a trap. Also, your husband can share private pictures with these predators which might be misused later on.

    spying Location Tracking

    Location tracking helps you to catch their lie red-handed. This latest spy app for android phones will help you do real-time location tracking where you can easily access your partner by watching his real-time location. In case you miss out the locations, you can see them in location history.

    Watchlist Contact and Location.

    You can also add a specific contact or location to your watchlist and get notified if a person contacts him or he visits a certain pub, bar or a restaurant which are popular dating spots. Watchlisting a location can also help you to tap into the check-ins and check-outs on that location by your man.

    Besides, this latest spy app for android phones will let you record surrounds and take screenshots of the target device to capture the real-time data.

    Final Thoughts

    It is a very reliable app if you want to keep your relationship out of trouble. It is your woe to save your man and let not him be stolen away by a female predator. That is where these surveillance apps will help you to keep close track on your husband or boyfriend and see if a predator is about to clutch him and steal away from you.