How to Take Screenshot on Windows Login Screen

How to Take Screenshot on Windows Login Screen

November 3, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Taking screenshot can be very important sometimes. So, Apps like snipping tool are very popular. Fortunately, Screenshot taker app comes as  built-in feature in all major desktop and mobile operating systems. But, There may have some difficulties to take screenshots on critical points. For example, It is really not a simple thing to take screenshot on windows login screen. But, It’s possible.

    Screenshot of Windows 10 Login Screen

    Windows 10 Login Screen Captured by: Hasibul Kabir / XtremeRain

    In your keyboard, If you press PrntScr button, It will copy a screenshot. Later, You can paste it in any image editor programs like Paint or Adobe Photoshop. Pressing Win + PrntScr directly take and save screenshot to Picture folder. In Windows 10, Pressing only PrntScr can take screenshot and automatically upload it to your Onedrive, If you properly configure it. But, When you are in lock screen, None of these things will work. So, It is not possible in normal way to capture a snapshot of windows login screen. Then, What to do? Is there any way to do it? Of course, You can do it. To know the methods, Let’s go through this article.

    How to Take Screenshot on Windows Login Screen:

    There are two ways to take a snapshot in windows lock screen. One will require a third-party tool. Another one doesn’t require nothing. But, Both are really easy to do.

    Take Screenshot in Windows Login Screen without Third-Party Software:

    Previously, I have shared an article on how to use any app in windows lock screen. There you will get instructions to run snipping tool in login screen. For your convenience, C:\Windows\System32\SnippingTool.exe this is the location of snipping tool. In that article, If you follow method 2 to run snipping tool in lock screen, You can use that location in string value data. You know snipping is a built-in tool that helps to take screenshot.  If you can open this tool in lock screen, You can easily take any screenshots there.

    When you click on ease of access button, It will open snipping tool. Then, You can take screenshot on windows login screen normally. But, You won’t be able to save it in simple ways. If you want to save the screenshot, Simply login into desktop after taking the snapshot, Open Paint and press CTRL + V from keyboard. Then, Save it normally.

    Take Screenshot in Lock Screen with Third-Party Snipping App:

    There are so many awesome free and premium snipping apps available. Snagit is one of them. This a premium but amazing screenshot taker. You also can use any free tools according to your preference. Anyway, To take screenshot in windows login screen using third-party apps follow these instructions.

    • At first, We will need to download PsExec command in our PC and extract the archive.
    • Now, Copy PsExec.exe to C:\Windows\System32.
    • After that, Press Win + X from keyboard and chose Command Prompt (Admin).
    • Then, Run the following command.
    psexec -sx cmd.exe
    • Now, Go to lock screen by pressing Win + L from keyboard.
    • Then, Press Alt + Tab in lock screen. It will open command prompt there.
    • Now, You will have to go to the snipping app location from command prompt. For example, I will be using Snagit to “take screenshot on windows login screen”. So, I will go to its installation location by running following command.
    cd C:\Program Files (x86)\TechSmith\Snagit 13
    • After going to the snipping app location, Open that app to start taking screenshots in lock screen. As, I’m going to open Snagit. I will run following command.
    • Now, You can take screenshot.

    You can use any apps to take screenshot. But, You will have to use command prompt correctly in lock screen.

    I hope, This article will help you to capture windows login screen very easily. But, I recommend not to run heavy snipping apps in lock screen. It may make things much difficult sometimes.