10 Tech Companies and What Their Names Mean

10 Tech Companies and What Their Names Mean

October 16, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    In the midst of all these companies, you’ll probably be wondering: “How did all these companies come up with their names?” The name of a company is a trademark, what makes them unique from all their competition. It is what everyone remembers them as, and it comes with a vast history you will be able to appreciate. From personal stories down to hidden meanings, these popular tech companies have beautiful and funny stories behind the name they chose, not knowing that they will be at the top of the ladders later on. So, to satisfy your curiosity, we show you the top 10 companies and their meaning behind their popular names!

    How Top Companies Got Their Names



    Nokia has been dipping a bit, and have ceased to exist when it comes to smartphones today. But that doesn’t mean that their name will die out anytime soon. They are the reason why smartphones exit, beginning the era of cellular phones!  It all started in 1865, as a wood pulp mill. It became Nokie due to the fact that they officially opened another mill in 1968 near the town of Nokia, by the Nokianvirta river. It then expanded to many other products, but the name was kept. Nokia now consists of three types of businesses: Networks, Technologies and HERE.



    Just like numerous businesses, LG Electronics did not start of as a successful company immediately! It all started in 1958, first named as GoldStar. Their sister company was Lak-Hui, which sounded like Lucky. They then merged and became Lucky GoldStar, or LG for short. They also then created the tagline Life’s Good. But instead of calling it either of those two names, they shortened it out to LG, selling the electronics we know and love today.



    What people think HTC stands for is “High-Tech Computer”, but you’ll be surprised to know that there is another story behind, though it did mean that before!

    It was actially named HTC because of the founder, whose name is H.T Cho and Cher Wang. They used their names as the official company name.



    Spotify is known for their music streaming, with millions of songs and artists featured from around the world. It started in Sweden, but it isn’t a Swedish word! When the owners of the company were thinking of a name, the word Spotify was misheard and since it had no results on Google, they decided to create it as their official company name. They decided to change the story as it was a bit shameful, saying that it meant “Spot” and “Identify” merged.



    Nintendo is actually a bit of a long and complicated story as compared to the many other famous brands. In Japanese, the name Nintendo stands for “leave luck to fate”. But when seeing the History of Nintendo, it may actually be connected to the Hanafuda playing card manufacturer in the 19th century, which stands for flower cards. So how is that related to Nintendo?

    Hanafuda was looking for another name, and settled with Tengu, meaning large nose. The word nose was the same word for flower when translated to English. Nintendo can mean “the temple of free hanafuda” where people in Japan would rub noses when wanting to gamble.

    But to summarize the whole meaning, there actually may be no exact one! The founder’s great-grandson does not know the official meaning behind the name, though a good explanation could be “to leave one’s fortune in the hands of fate” where one means company.



    Sony is actually a combination of Latin and English, with Sonus and Sonny, meaning well-to-do young man. But did you know that there was actually another name before that? It was actually called Totsuko in 1946, which meant “Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo K.K. It used to be solely about research, then they started releasing electronics. When they decided to go to international, the trademark TTK was taken, ending up with them changing their name to Sony in 1955 to create a trademark. It became Sony Corporation in 1958.



    Samsung first started out as dry foods, but now known for their electronics ad other gadgets.

    The word Samsung means three stars in Korean. The three stars Samsung meant was big, numerous, and powerful. These meanings describe the stars and their company itself!



    Amazon was actually almost called Cadabra, like from the magic spell abracadabra. The founder wanted to make it seem like the company was so quick that it worked like magic! It did start as that name in 1994, but then changed to Amazon the year later, naming it after the Amazon River (the biggest river). The real reason behind the name change was that once they went online, the founder was scared that people would mishear the website name and type in cadaver instead of cadabra.



    One of the most famous companies, Google was actually a misspelled word, originally being Googol, a number 1 followed by 100 zeroes to represent the amount of results and data they can offer to the world.



    Apple is one of the most popular today, technology-wise. Though it is a staple name today, that wasn’t the case before! Steve Jobs explained that Apple was actually a temporary name, becoming permanent if ever no one suggested anything better. Based on Jobs, he chose the name Apple because it would be placed before Atari in the phone book!


    In Conclusion

    Now that you know all the histories of these company names, what do you think you should name your own company once you start it? Will it be from a hidden meaning or language, or will it be something based from your story? The choice is up to you, and it is limitless! Hopefully, these company names and the meanings behind it will be able to inspire you to create your own business and motivate you to keep it successful until it becomes part of articles like these!