This 2016 does not just hold predictions based on horoscopes, love and fashion, but in the technology side of the world as well. We are an ever-changing community that moves as fast as lightning, meaning innovative ideas are created and inventions are made each day, with their sole purpose to make life easier for us human beings. With the millions of improvements and tweaks made in various gadgets, tech companies have announced their upcoming new models and creations for this coming 2016. Not only that, but predictions have been made for the latest trends in technology to come this year.

You’re not the only one who welcomes change for the new year. Tech companies may have made their new year resolutions and are even more motivated to keep moving forward with bettering people’s lives with advanced technology and the like.

2015 has welcomed new developments and improvements on our well-loved gadgets such as Apple and Samsung phones. Various gadgets were released for the betterment of profession and play, and it doesn’t only come from the big brands, but from upcoming tech companies as well, which has given consumers more choices that are easy on the eyes, hands and wallet. From self-driving cars to touch screen watches that can connect to your smart phone, 2015 has definitely been a year of innovation, which would probably give companies pressure to make things even better for the future.

iphone 7 HD

Upcoming Techs 2016:

Luckily, they won’t disappoint. Here are some of the upcoming gadgets and trends in technology we’ll be looking forward to this 2016:

Samsung Galaxy S7 HD

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 – Though it’s the year 2016, popular competitors Samsung and Apple are at it again and welcoming the big 7 in advance by releasing both their new models of phones in the same year! Expect better performances, sleeker designs, and maybe even more new features along the way. Both models are expected to be released in the later part of the year.

Sony PlayStation VR HD

  • Sony PlayStation VR – Ever heard of the Oculus Rift? Unfortunately, it’s only compatible for the Xbox. But great news for Sony users: The virtual reality game console is set to launch in first half of 2016! Get ready to prepare some time for your gaming needs.

Microsoft HoloLens HD

  • Microsoft HoloLens – We will not only experience virtual reality in games, but also in real life! An improvement from the Google glasses, the HoloLens will give you a mixed reality that’ll bring HD holograms into your own world. It’s set to be released this first half of 2016.

Apple Watch 2 HD

  • Apple Watch 2 – An improvement from the mildly disappointing first Apple Watch, it’s expected to arrive as early as March and may even have a camera for Facetime calls! Designs were released and are available for viewing, also another upgrade from its predecessor.

And there you have it, folks! Expect a lot of changes (for the better) this coming 2016. Time to ready your wallet and make new upgrades and investment for your amusement and professional needs.