The Bird Box Challenge is One of Many Challenges

The Bird Box Challenge is One of Many Challenges

January 16, 2019 By ellen

    The Bird Box horror film has encouraged a challenge for individuals to blindfold themselves for 24 hours.

    Social Media Trends

    Because we live in a culture where trends are so common and ideas catch on so quickly with movies, facebook, netflix and social media outlets, groups follow one another even if it is dysfunctional and dangerous. It is a real phenomenon that have taken hold of teenagers, which have cost them their lives. Young people have a skewed view of life because the insanity of the challenges have subconsciously compelled individuals to belong to the age of imitation.

    Bird Box Film is a Sign of Our Time

    In comparison to the Bird Box film, challenges that encourage something destructive and deadly are popping up everywhere: cinnamon challenge. The whole idea of celebrating self, even with negative experiences, are glamorized and glorified. Accomplishing a challenge and posting it online for everyone to see is our culture today. Even if a post is dangerous, disgusting, and disturbing, the number of views is the most important goal. The attraction to the macabre is a phenomenon in our time.

    One of Many Dangerous Challenges

    Some of the trends that have become quite dangerous are the following: Ice Water Bucket Challenge, Dangerous Fire Challenge, Skin Eraser challenge, and the Cinnamon Challenge. People have died from the ice bucket challenge because of the fact it has a strong impact on the body.  Even if challenges on facebook are not dangerous, celebrating “self” is a trend of today: the age challenge.

    Popularity of the Challenges

    Why are these challenges becoming so popular? Is it because we have a need to be a part of the group? Even though these trends may seem fun and fascinating, they are not safe. The thrill factor is a lot higher in our time because of the speed of communicating these trends. Trends are communicated within minutes. Before you know it, another challenge is delivered to the public by one click.