It’s Time to Increase Battery Life of Your Laptop

October 16, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Having laptop is a common matter of this era. Everyday this device helps us in many ways. Most of the peoples are concerned about battery life of laptop or notebook. So it’s time to know how to increase battery life of your laptop. To increase battery life of your laptop you have to know some steps. And now I’ll describe you these steps. Let’s go.




    1. A/C Power: This is an important step. Most of us have a wrong idea about it. Don’t keep your laptop or notebook on A/C power when it’s not in use. Keeping A/C power on while it’s not in use will overcharge the battery which will reduce your laptop battery life. Turn off charge when battery is full. If you are using laptop, always try to keep A/C power on.


    1. Power Plan: Select a suitable power plan from Power Options which will not reduce your battery life. You will find power options from control panel.



    1. Graphics: Reduce brightness and contrast of LED or LCD screen. Don’t play HD video or game while you are using laptop without A/C power. Use low resolution. It’ll decrease battery usage.


    1. Temperature: Always keep your laptop temperature low. Don’t use laptop or notebook when its temperature is high. Don’t use cooling fan I mean laptop cooler when you are using it without A/C power.



    1. Mute System: Mute your system when you don’t need to play music or video.


    1. Disconnect Devices: Disconnect any external or USB devices when you don’t need it. External devices consume battery very quickly.



    1. Disable system devices: Disable any unnecessary system devices. You can disable card reader drivers, wireless modems, Bluetooth etc., if you don’t need these. You can do it from the device manager.


    1. Use Software: There are some software that can manage your battery life. I’ve a laptop of DELL. So I’m using dell extended battery life software. You can use this types of software which is suitable for your laptop.



    1. Charger: Use a good and suitable charger. Wrong charger can damage your battery as well as laptop or notebook.

    I hope this article will help you enough. But if you have any question, you can ask me by comment.