Top 10 Best Android TV Boxes Available in the Market

Top 10 Best Android TV Boxes Available in the Market

March 26, 2017 By kirsten

    Nowadays, in the entertainment world one of the best choices is Android TV box. There are many reasons to have it at your home. Probably you know all about android TV boxes and want to know about the best devices. Otherwise you have heard something about android TV boxes but don’t know what they are really up to. Today, we will guide you through “What’s an Android TV box?” and the best Android TV boxes suggestions.

    What’s An Android TV Box:

    This device is a small set-top box. It’s similar to an Apple TV. It runs Google’s Android operating system in it. It simply allows you to stream content to your TV from the local storage or over the internet like Apple TV.

    There are many variations in media streaming service market. Most of them are Kodi or XBMC devices. If you look in commercial site you’ll find many devices calling themselves Android TV boxes. Some of them are “unlocked” and preloaded with many channels and free contents. But there is a chance to add third-party add-ons in Kodi. These add-ons are liable to stream anything illegally. So, it’s up to the users who make it legal or illegal. Individually Kodi devices or Android TV boxes aren’t illegal.

    Are Android TV Boxes Legal to Use:

    Android TV boxes or Apple TV’s are not actually illegal. These devices are technically illegal to use. There are some gray lines between legal and illegal. It depends on a user who can make it illegal by installing illegal apps or add-ons that allow to watch copyrighted contents for free. To stay in legal part of the law after buying the streaming box you can install Kodi onto it. Actually the official Kodi platform isn’t illegal to use. This app allows users to stream media locally and over the internet in more convenience way. But there is chance to add third-party add-ons in Kodi. These add-ons are liable to stream anything illegally. So, it’s up to the users who can make it legal or illegal. Individually Kodi devices or Android TV boxes aren’t illegal.

    Ultra Benefits of Using Android Streaming TV Box:

    So, you’ve set your mind to buy an Android TV box because you already know those special functionalities of it. If you don’t know let me figure out some mega benefits.

    • You will not need satellite TV or cable operator. As you know these are expensive. So, you can save at least thousands dollar a year.
    • You don’t even need to lose access of your favorite games, shows and movies.
    • You can actually skip unnecessary cords of the show to save a lot of time.
    • Ultra HD contents are also available for most of the contents.

     Must-Have Features of Android TV Boxes:

    There are some imperative features you should look for before buying media streaming box. I am going to give a list which features you must look for.

    • Audio Pass-through should be 5.1
    • Android version 5.1 or higher version is better.
    • OTA Firmware Updates.
    • Video Resolution 1080p with 3D.
    • USB Port Version 3.0
    • HDMI 2.0 at least.
    • Hardware Decoding H.265
    • Setup Latest Version Kodi.
    • Gigabit Ethernet / Dual Band Wi-Fi abilities.

    Your media streaming box won’t include all of these features. But these are important to make your media streaming box experience easier. So, decide yourself which features are important to and you can skip others.

    Best Android TV Boxes 2017:

    It’s time for getting started to know our top list of Android TV boxes. See our top list of media streaming boxes, their features and choose the best one for you.


    NVIDIA SHIELD android TV is the best media streaming box since 2015 on the market. This is the only device that runs latest version of Android operating system. You can have the higher Tegra X1 CPU with 3GB of RAM. It smoothly plays 4K video and support USB 3 external drive which can run as internal storage. So, We have kept it at the top of the top 10 android TV boxes list.
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    1. The Western Digital WD TV Live Media Player:

    It allows streaming many similar formats which are used for computer entertainment storage. This TV box has 512 RAM and 700MGHz processor. It has a handy USB port in the front side which makes easier to display slideshows, important files and streaming contents locally stored.
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    1. The MINIX NEO X8:

    This is one of the best android TV boxes. It can be a better media streaming service for the bigger screen. It has 4K HD features, octa core graphics processor and 16GB of eMMC storage memory. MINIX NEO X8 has 6GB RAM. It has many ports like SD card reader, HDMI, USB and Ethernet. They are also easy to access along the rectangular base.
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    1. The Netgear’s Neo TV:

    Users can enjoy their favorite Android applications like YouTub, Hulu, Pandora and Hulu Plus in HD. You can also stream your laptop’s screen onto your Smart Television through Intel WiDi technology and built-in Wi-Fi of the device. In this process, you don’t even need direct connection. You can enjoy smartphone remote control accessibility and an expandable memory slot.
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    1. Amazon Fire TV:

    It’s an amazing TV box runs on Android system. It supports 4K. But, The main benefits of having Amazon fire TV for its amazon prime video performance. Probably, This is the best device for amazon prime. Fire TV is very easy to setup. But, It doesn’t have play store and amazon app store. That may give you a bit comfort. But, You can side load Kodi on it.
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    1. The Matricom G-Box Midnight MX2:

    Matricom G-Box has the 3D graphics feature drive by a Mail-400 quad core processor which runs on Android 4.2. You can see videos in 1080p and have the both connections Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections. There are many features like USB-4, SPIF, MON, Ethernet ports as well as.
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    1. The Tronsmart MK908II:

    You may want to buy it as it has an external antenna which provides better Wi-Fi connectivity. It runs on Android 4.2 version.  It is also driving a mail 400 GPU. The Tronsmort has 8GB of memory storage. It supports Bluetooth technology and has 2GB of DDR3 RAM.
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    1. The Original T-R42:

    You can simply go for this Android TV Box. It runs on RK3188T quad-core CPU. Its operating system is Android 4.2.2 with 2 GB of RAM and 8 GB storage memory. It has superbly designed ports for USB, Ethernet, Micro SD.
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    1. Minix NEO X8-H Plus:

    It allows you install android applications as per your choices. You can save many of media your files inside as it has internal 16 GB storage. It has easy commands for keyboards and mouse to make navigation.
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    1. Kitbox 92:

    Kitbox 92 has Amlogic S912 Octa-core Cortex A5 processor and a Mali-T820 GPU. So, you can enjoy ultra smooth graphics and faster apps functioning. If you want you can stream videos through Netflix and Kodi. There is also a web browser.
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    To transform your normal TV into a video streaming there is no alternative of Android TV box. You can pick out the best one for you from our today’s top 10 list.