Top 10 iPhone Tricks You Can Do

Top 10 iPhone Tricks You Can Do

October 9, 2018 By alberto

    Being an avid Apple user, I always gush about how great the iPhone is. With specs and features that I can always benefit from, I can use the Apple device for both work and play. Whether you’re the businessman on the go, or the young adult just wanting something for selfies and communicating with people arount the world, your iPhone will be there for you as your personal assistant and toy. It’s fun and useful at the same time! The new updates Apple brings to the iPhone makes it even better each time a new version is released, making it have more features to wow ourselves upon.

    custome message iphone call

    10 Tricks of iPhone that you can try:

    But besides new updates and its original features, did you know that the iPhone holds more than what you actually see or use? Its got tricks up its sleeves that a lot of people don’t know about, and with these tips and tricks, it makes it more useful and efficient than it already is.

    Want to know more about it? Here are some of the tips and tricks you can do with your iPhone!

    1. Create customized messages when missing calls

    Sometimes, we aren’t able to take calls because of some important meeting, or because of special events. Instead of just missing it and having to explain it later on, you can simply tap on an option that will enable you to automatically send messages to the person you missed the call from. But did you know that besides the options you see on your iPhone, you can actually create your own message instead to make sure you really mean it?

    Simply tap on “message” and instead of choosing the messages displayed, click Custom and write your own message explaining why you can’t take the call. Simple! Now you won’t seem like a jerk missing calls.

    skip call iphone

    1. Skip calls

    When declining calls, we often remind ourselves to call them back, only to forget! Luckily, the iPhone gives us the option to call them back by reminding them. You can be reminded once you’re at home, or after an hour. Just swipe to the side or upwards and choose the “Remind Me Later” option and choose when you want to be reminded to call the person back. Instead of forgetting and being embarrassed for it, your iPhone will remind you to do it before you forget.

    capture images shooting video

    1. Take photos while shooting videos

    When you’re taking videos, sometimes we want to take photos at the same time! Instead of having to scan through the video and pausing it to take a screenshot, you can actually take a photo while making a video! Simply tap the camera button while taking a video. The quality won’t be as great and will stay in video mode, but it’s better than finding the perfect moment to pause the video to take a screenshot.

    low power mode ios

    1. Low Power Mode

    Instead of having to moan about your iPhone draining battery faster when it’s about to juice out, you can save some of its power by going into Low Power Mode. It turns off notifications and other things that aren’t as vital for your iPhone. Siri is turned off and some effects are reduced. It won’t be as noticeable, and you get to save battery, so it’s pretty awesome!

    To do this, go to Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode.

    pdf ibooks

    1. Save PDF to iBooks

    You can actually save PDFs in your iBooks app for easier access. You can download books or documents and view them in iBooks instead of downloading third party apps. All you need to do is tap Share when saving the PDF and select iBooks for it to be added to your collection.

    dont disturb iphone

    1. Customize Do Not Disturb Mode

    Besides the useful Do Not Disturb option, you can actually customize it and change the duration of when you want it on or off. Used for those who want sleep or are busy at work, customizing the mode is very useful. You can activate the Do Not Disturb mode from your Settings or Control Center by swiping up, and your iPhone will block calls and message notifications coming in.

    To customize your Do Not Disturb mode, go to Settings and Do Not Disturb. There, you’ll be able to manually switch it on or off, and tweak the times you want to leave it. You can even customize it to the people you want to make an exception with, selecting family members or loved ones your iPhone won’t block calls and messages from when on Do Not Disturb mode.

    1. Add symbols to your keyboard

    Instead of having to search through your other keyboards for symbols, you can actually easily type them up with ease. Just go hold the 123 button and slide your finger to the symbol you want to use. When you add it, the keyboard goes back to its original letters. Another trick you can do is to hold the symbol you would like to use and it shows other alternatives, like the dollar sign showing pound or yen symbols.

    double tap space ios

    1. Double tap space button

    Instead of having to take time typing up the period and space, you can simply double tap the keyboard to create a whole new sentence, with your text having a period and starting your sentence with a capital letter already. Now the effort is lessened and you can start a whole new sentence without the constant tapping.

    let flash notification ios

    1. Blinking flash when a notification pops up

    Sometimes vibration or sound isn’t noticed when you get a notification or message. But a blinking flash will help you know if you got it. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and scroll to the Hearing section and turn on “LED Flash for Alerts”. Now, your rear-facing flash will be blinking when a notification pops up.

    earphone selfie iphone

    1. Using earphones to take selfies

    A great feature of an iphone will be its great camera quality when taking selfies, but angle and timing also matters. Sometimes getting a good selfie is difficult, especially when trying to get your good side and holding your camera up far. While you can use your volume buttons of your iPhone for a less camera shake, did you know you can also use your earphones’ volume buttons to make it easier? Simply open up your camera app, make the best selfie face, and click the volume button of your earphones to take the photo.

    These are only the top 10 iPhone tricks you can do to your own Apple device. You can find out more tricks your iPhone can do online, or you can find out on your own by experimenting with your iPhone’s settings! Your iPhone can get better with each update and trick you find out, so try to see what else your device can do and let us know. From keyboards, cameras, to notification settings, you’ll be able to have a great and more efficient time with your iPhone from the new tricks you can use.