Top 10 PC Games This 2016

Top 10 PC Games This 2016

September 21, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    This 2016 will not only bring new hopes and dreams for the aspiring soul, but hopefully great films, new upgraded gadgets, and more importantly, even better PC games! Even as early as November, you’ll find game developers and companies releasing sneak peaks of upcoming games to be released next year, having all gamers at the edge of their seats, waiting for it to be available for preorder and released into their video consoles. Honestly, I’ve been following the list myself, and it’s got me excited for next year, though it would mean having to find the time to juggle games, studies and work at the same time!

    Top 10 PC Games You Should Buy in 2016:

    While there are dozens of sneak peeks and announced release dates of games, here is my list of the top ten upcoming PC games of 2016:

    10. Lost Ark

    lostark Banner

    A game to be released by Smile Gate, its been in development for over three years and was actually kept a secret until its announcement this year! Loads of action with a lot of characters to choose from, it will hopefully be available at the early months of 2016.

    9. EverQuest Next

    EverQuest Next banner

    A multiplayer online role-playing game and the sequel to the previous installments of EverQuest, its been in dvelopment since 2010 and is scheduled to be released next year, with more features and even better graphics!

    8. Kingdom Come

    Kingdom Come banner

    Deliverance – Another role-playing game but set in the medieval times. This is pretty interesting as it follows the true and accurate history of the times during the 15th century. A single-player game, you’ll definitely experience a whole new world of castles, combat and battle armor.

    7. Dreadnought

    Dreadnought banner

    A combat flight simulator, all aspiring pilots will definitely be amused with this! Previews were shown last year and is actually  scheduled to be released this year.

    6. Halo Wars 2

    Halo Wars 2 2016 poster

    The next installment of Halo Wars, it’s a real-time strategy game to be released next year but only for the Xbox and Windows 10 (Sorry, PlayStation users!).

    5. Doom 4

    Doom 4 HD Poster 2016

    A personal favorite of mine, as I’ve been playing Doom for PC since it was first released. It’s been so long since their last installment (2004!), so hopefully the very long wait will be worth it!

    4. Mount & Blade II

    Mount & Blade II - Top 10 Games to Buy

    Bannerlord – A prequel to Mount & Blade: Warband, this was announced in 2012 and has no official release date yet. But don’t worry, there will be public beta testing soon!

    3. Mirror Edge Catalyst

    Mirror Edge Catalyst HD Upcoming Game 2016

    A follow up to Mirror’s Edge from 2008, the storyline will focus on Faith’s past. Expect more action and adventure, and better graphics!

    2. Black Desert Online

    Black Desert Online HD Poster - top 10 games 2016

    A multiplayer online role-playing game, you’ll definitely have fun interacting and battling with other players around the world with large-scale castle sieges and upgraded worlds.

    1. Star Citizen

    Star Citizen Poster - 2016

    Different from the rest I listed, this is a space simulation video game for Windows and Linux. It’s your typical first person shooter game, but this time, in a whole other world: Space and the whole universe. What’s even better is that it will feature the Oculus Rift support, so prepare for a whole new level of gaming experience.

    Video – Top 10 Upcoming PC Games 2016:

    There you have it, just ten of the upcoming games this coming 2016. It’s going to take some time until I get to try it all out myself, but better to wait and save up beforehand!