Top Android Shortcuts You May Not Be Using

Top Android Shortcuts You May Not Be Using

August 5, 2018 By kirsten

    Technology has become very vast nowadays, with you being able to reap the many benefits you have on your Android device. Not only can it be used as a form of easy communication, but you will also be able to take advantage of the many things included with it that can make your life so much easier! But did you know that your Android phone has shortcuts that will make it even better and much more efficient to use? I’m sure you haven’t yet! In this article, we show you the top Android shortcuts you may not be using.

    Top Android Shortcuts You May Not Be Using

    android camera

    • Go to camera instantly

    Instead of having to go through numerous applications in search for the camera, you can actually go to it in a snap by double tapping the power button! Now, you won’t need to waste time and miss the perfect shot again.

    • Search for apps

    Instead of wasting time looking for an app you need immediately, you can easily search for it! Simply tap and hold the app drawer button, and you will be directed to the search option, where you can type the app you are looking for and launch it in no time.

    • Decline a call using quick responses

    Don’t leave a person hanging! If you can’t talk right now (In a meeting or driving) and you won’t be able to send a message explaining why you can’t take a call, you can simply swipe up when someone calls and choose the various premade texts that you would like to send. You can customize your own when you have the time by going to Settings > General > Quick Responses.

    android shortcut smartlock

    • Smart Lock

    Smart lock is very useful, as with this, you are able to keep it locked or unlocked in certain areas, so you won’t need to have to go through the whole unlocking process if you are at home or certain areas you can trust! It will also work when connecting it with Bluetooth. All you need to do is to go to Settings > Security > Screen Lock. You will then see Trusted Devices, Trusted Places, and Trusted Face, making it easier for your phone to unlock or stay unlocked, depending on what you need!

    • Call or text in one tap!

    Using Widgets, you are able to easily put someone you contact most on your home screen for easy communication. Simply go to Widgets on the Home Screen and choose between Direct Contacts or Direct Message, then drag it to the area you want to put it on your home screen. Now you’ll be able to contact your favorites in a tap!

    google voice shortcut

    • Google Voice

    Google Voice actions is one of the best things that can happen to an Android smartphone. Simply say OK Google, and you’ll have access to what you need and more, so long as you have the mobile data or Internet connection. But before all that, you should make sure that Google detection is on by going to Settings > Voice > OK Google Detection.

    You can make appointments and arrange dates, or you can even ask questions regarding certain things. Even the most random questions and requests are accommodated by Google Voice, and all it needs is a quick question or statement.

    With these shortcuts, you are now able to fully take advantage of your Android smartphone! You’ll be able to find out more shortcuts the more you pla with your Adnroid smartphone. Enjoy!