Top 10 safest countries if world war 3 breaks out

Top 10 safest countries if world war 3 breaks out

October 15, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Have you ever thought about hiding places if world war 3 starts? Recently, there was a research that is based solely on the places which are considered as the safest countries in the world if a major war occurs once again. And who knows what could happen these days. Major war conflict is nothing new for the biggest forces on this planet, and it is much better for us if we take precautions instead of thinking about it later when the war begins. The statistics show that there are about ten places on the planet which are considered as the safest countries where you can go to if there is a war. We managed to make a list where you can check out all of these places and find out the reasons why they are considered out of harm’s way during war time.

    10 safest places in the world if world war 3 breaks out

    Hiding far from your home place during World War 3

    Hiding far from where you used to live during war time can be quite difficult for some people who are nostalgic, but if you have to take that chance to avoid risk, you should not hesitate and go wherever you have to. We have included ten different places which are located all around the world, so you can see that you have plenty options. These places are the safest places on Earth at the moment and can be considered as perfect hiding spots during conflict.

    10. Switzerland

    Switzerland HD Natural Scenery


    Switzerland  has been placed at number ten. It is a country that has had a strong tradition of neutrality in the past and has definitely proven as a safe haven during the times of war in Europe. The Swiss citizens can definitely take cover high in the mountain in time of violence, even though they are bordering countries such as Italy, France and Germany, which are considered as danger zones during times of war.

    9. Tuvalu

    Tuvalu Natural Scenery

    Tuvalu climbed up number nine. This is an island located deep inside of the beautiful waters of the Pacific. This island is tranquil and extremely neutral when it comes to war time. The population is quite small and the island is well-known for its negligible resources. This can be a positive thing during war time because major powerful countries will not have any reason to attack Tuvalu. Another thing that is also quite amazing about Tuvalu and the people who live there is that they consume and produce their own foods and goods, so they are very independent.

    8. New Zealand

    New Zealand Amazing Photo

    New Zealand landed on the 8th place as a safe place during world war three. It might be secluded, but it is one of the most developed nations throughout the entire planet. This nation is well-known for its stable democratic politics, and has not been part of many major conflicts on a worldwide basis. New Zealand’s mountainous terrain is another way to shelter the inhabitants in times of war.

    7. Bhutan

    Bhutan Natural Scenery

    Bhutan has a unique location and therefore, it is considered as one of the best places to go to if world war three occurs. It is surrounded with the Himalayan mountains and it is secluded entirely. After joining UN back in 1971, Bhutan is known for its aversion of becoming entangled in politics and it does not have any diplomatic connections with USA.

    6. Chile

    Chile Natural Scenery

    Chile has been placed on number six as one of the most prosperous and stable countries in the world. It ranks much higher than the rest of the Latin countries which are currently undergoing huge development procedures. Chile is deeply shielded with mountains, the Andes, and therefore it is quite safe and isolated from other countries that might take part in any kinds of war conflict.

    5. Iceland

    Iceland Natural Scenery

    Iceland has been place at the 5th position. It is extremely peaceful and because of that, it has been placed as the number 1 country on the Global Peace Index this year. It does not have any land borders and there are a plethora of mountains surrounding this beautiful island. The mountains can serve as the perfect shelter in times of conflict.

    4. Denmark

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    Denmark might suffer during times of world war 3, but there is one place connected to Denmark that can be considered as safe – Greenland. Greenland is known as a mountainous, remote place without any political conflicts.

    3. Malta

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    Malta, a tiny nation that has been placed in the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean is one of the smallest and safest places in the world. That is why it has been place at number 3 on this list.

    2. Ireland

    Ireland Natural Scenery

    Ireland is a country that is considered as well-developed and prosperous. It is known for not having ties to combatants that can potentially start a new war. Ireland is politically independent and is not part of the NATO alliance. Ireland is also well-known for its long military neutrality that has lasted for many centuries. The law in Ireland says that if the country is willing to enter some type of external conflict, it must be firstly approved by United Nations, the government of the country and the legislature of Ireland.

    1. Fiji

    Fiji Natural Scenery

    We have finally managed to finish the list of the safest nations during a major war conflict. The number one spot has been reserved for the beautiful island known as Fiji. Fiji is one of the most unique and gorgeous places which is located deeps inside the Pacific. Fiji is far away from all potential conflicts because it is isolated in the Pacific Ocean. The population that lives on this island is quite small. Another thing that makes Fiji remarkable as a hiding place during war conflict is that is has always been quite neutral during major conflicts. Fiji also never had any serious resources that can be used during war time, nor any reasons to justify such war-type invasions.