How to Track Lost Windows 10 PC or Tablets

How to Track Lost Windows 10 PC or Tablets

August 13, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    You know, Windows 10 got it’s first major update in November 12, 2015. After that update, Users are seeing a new feature in update & security settings called Find My Device. It is one of the most attractive features to me. Probably, Many of you have already tested this device tracking facility. It helps you to track your lost Windows 10 PC or Tablets.

    To use this feature, You must have Microsoft account connected to your devices. Otherwise, You won’t be able to use this feature.

    Track & Find Lost Windows 10 PC & Tab by Find My Device Feature:

    This GPS Tracking feature doesn’t require any third-party apps or tools. Microsoft has integrated it in your Windows 10 Settings. If you don’t enable this feature, You can’t track you device when it is lost. So, You should enable this feature.

    Enable Find My Device:

    To do it –

    • Open Start Menu.
    • Click on Settings.

    opening settings from windows 10 start menu

    • Then click on Update & Security.
    • On lest sidebar, You will see Find My Device. Click on that.
    • Now click on Change and Enable this feature.

    enabling find my device

    How Track & Find Lost Windows 10 Devices:

    If you lose your laptops or tablets which has find my device feature enabled, You can easily find them by tracking. It is not really a complex process as many people thinks. Just see, How to do it –

    • First of all, Go to
    • It will bring you to a page where you will see all of your Microsoft device lists including laptop, dekstop, tablets, smartphones etc.

    windows 10 lost device list

    • You will see Find my device option beside each device names.
    • Just click on find my device from your lost laptop or tablet section.
    • Then, It will show you the latest location of your device.

    tracking maps lost windows device


    Windows phone or mobile users can wipe their personal data and lock the lost smartphone. Even they can play alarm. But you can’t do it for your windows 10 PCs and tablets. Probably, You will have this feature soon.