How To Track a newborn’s  growth  and health highlights with Glow Baby App

How To Track a newborn’s growth and health highlights with Glow Baby App

October 15, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    No matter how experienced you are with babies, you cannot still be too sure about the development of your babies physical. Often, it is not possible for parents to visit the doctor every day, to track each change that takes place since the baby is born. But with a smart phone  in your palm, you will be able to monitor all the signs of transformation in your newborn, with the help on an app called ‘ Glow Baby app’. In this article I will tell you how to track your newborn’s  growth  and health highlights with this app.

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    This app is designed by personal health startup Glow, to monitor each landmark of your child’s development. It is able to notice every single movement of your baby. The app will inform you about details such as, when your child grabbed  something for the first time, sits up, when does the baby smiles or makes eye contact. The author of “Baby 411” and top pediatrician, Dr. Brown created the inclusive and exclusive content for Glow Baby with the support of  Dr. John Palma, a pediatrician at Stanford.

    How To Monitor a New Baby’s  Growth  and Health Highlights with ‘ Glow Baby app’:

    • Open the app and press Get Started.
    • Signup with your details and create an account.
    • Add the details about your baby by pressing ‘Add my baby.
    • There will be questions about your baby, answer them.
    • Add details about your baby.
    • Now track the milestones of your baby with the app.

    The Glow Baby app for Android phone claims that it can also notify parents about the initial signs of illness, regardless of either it is a common cold or a fever. Now track your newborn’s  growth and health, as well as get proper medication when the app detects illness.

    With this app you can also connect to individual parents’ communities; you can join in discussions; you can also see comments, suggestions and read articles which will benefit you while raising your child. There are other apps available too, but there is no app like Glow Baby, which can enhance the knowledge of a new parent in a very significant manner. The app is easy to be understood and has information that will be useful. The app is not loaded with unnecessary information that might confuse parents. This is a very convenient app.

    Users can either use the free version of the app, or can even switch to the premium package which costs $4 per month. The premium services offer extra facilities such as private messaging, access to premium content. With the premium package, you can upload your baby’s record and can even  compare your baby’s record with the uploaded record of other children. After Glow Nurtur , Glow for pregnancy, Eve by Glow with period and sex tracker, Glow Baby is the startup’ fourth app.

    I hope now you will be able to track your newborn’s growth and health concerns easily. All the babies tend to reach these landmarks in individual rate. But with a generalized idea, the app can alert the parents, if there is any vital difference visible. Do not be too worried or be too casual if such thing happens, meet a doctor, you can judge the problem better.

    Hope the article on How To Track a newborn’s  growth  and health highlights with ‘ Glow Baby app’ is useful.

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