How to Transfer Contacts between Android and Windows Phone / Mobile

How to Transfer Contacts between Android and Windows Phone / Mobile

October 24, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Sometimes, You may need to copy all existing contacts to a new platform. Many windows phone users are migrating to android. Some android users are buying budget windows mobile devices to have a little taste. In both situations, Users feel necessity to transfer contacts between android and windows platforms. Unfortunately, Most of the users don’t know the appropriate way to do it.

    Infact, Transferring contacts from one platform to another is very simple. It can be done by a few clicks. It doesn’t require any third-party tools.

    How to Transfer Contacts between Android and Windows Phone:

    In your android phone, You are always connected to a google account (gmail). In windows phone, It is microsoft account (live, outlook, hotmail). All of your data synced with these accounts. It means, All of your contacts are saved in these accounts. So, When you need to copy contacts from windows phone to android or android to windows, You can simply do a import export job. That’s it. Here, I’ve explained in details.

    Copy Windows Phone Contacts to Android:

    To transfer your existing contacts to newly bought android phone, Simply follow these steps.

    Step 1: Import Outlook Contacts to Google

    At first, You will have to import all of your outlook contacts to google account which is connected with android phone. Here the things to do.

    giving access to copy microsoft account contacts

    • Login into your google account from here:
    • Now, Click on More and choose Import.
    • You will see several options. Choose Outlook.
    • Then, Click on I Agree, Let’s Go!
    • Now, Sign in into your microsoft account and give google permission to access your account. To do it, Simply click on Yes.
    • Done.

    Now, Google will import all contacts from your microsoft account.

    Step 2: Sync Android Phone

    Normally, You should see all imported contacts in your android phone within a few minutes. In that case, You must have auto sync feature enabled. If you see that it’s taking too long time, Just do it manually. Here are the things to follow.

    • In your android phone, Go to Settings > Accounts > Google > Your Google Account ([email protected]).
    • Now, Tap on the three dot button and choose Sync Now.

    Congrats. You have copied all windows phone contacts to android phone.

    Transfer Android Contacts to Windows Phone

    If you want to copy all phone numbers and other contacts to a windows mobile device, It is also very simple. You will need to follow a few steps to do it.

    Step 1: Export Google Contacts

    First of all, You will need to have all of your google contacts in an excel sheet in proper format. You can have it by following these instructions.

    exporting google contacts

    • Go to like before.
    • Click on More and choose Export.
    • Currently, Modern contact page is not supporting export feature. So, You may need to click on Go to old version to get the old contact page.
    • There, Click on More and then Export.
    • Choose your preferences. But, You must choose Outlook CSV Format from Which export format? section.
    • Click on Export.

    Step 2: Import Contacts to Outlook

    At first, You will have to export your microsoft account (outlook) contacts. It is very easy to do.

    import / export outlook contacts

    • First of all, Go to and sign in with your microsoft account credientials.
    • Now, Click on Manage and choose Import Contacts.
    • Then choose Gmail and upload the CSV file.
    • Done.

    Windows mobile should sync your newly imported contacts immediately. Make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi or your data connection is enabled.

    That’s it. By following these methods, You can transfer contacts between android and windows devices. It also can be done in alternative ways. But, This is the easiest method.