How to Transfer Contacts Between iOS and Android

How to Transfer Contacts Between iOS and Android

September 22, 2018 By alberto

    Got a new iPhone or Android device? Want to transfer contacts between Android and iOS? This article contains all the necessary information.

    Android and iOS are two popular mobile operating systems. Both are great. But, Different users prefer different platforms. Sometimes, People may leave one platform to get a new taste. Buying a new iPhone or Android phone is straightforward. But, Problem begins when you miss your contacts from the old device in the new one. But, It has a solution.

    How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iOS

    Copying your contacts from Android phone to iPhone or iPad is very easy. To do it, follow these steps.

    Step 1: Export Contacts from Google Account

    First of all, Go to Now, Click on More on the left sidebar. It will expand new options. From there, Click on Export.

    import export google contacts

    The new Google Contact page doesn’t support export feature yet. So, It may lead you to the old version page. By the way, Now, Click on More and then Export.

    export format google contacts

    Now, Select the contact group and format. When you choose the format, make sure you are choosing vCard format. Because Apple only supports this format.

    After exporting, follow next step.

    Step 2: Import Contacts in iCloud

    Now, You transfer the previous contacts to your apple account. Here are the procedures.

    At first, Go to and click on Contacts.

    import contacts in iCloud

    Now, Click on the gear icon on the left bottom side and choose Import vCard.

    Choose the exported vCard. You are Done.

    Now, You should see all the android contacts on your new iPhone or any other iOS devices.

    Copy Contacts from iOS to Android

    It is similar. Google support both CSV and vCard format. So, You won’t have to worry about formats. You can directly export vCard from iCloud and import it to Google account.

    To export from iCloud, Simply click on the gear icon and choose Export.

    Now, You can go to your google account contact page, find and click on import.

    You also can read this article to know about the steps on how to transfer contacts from Windows Phone to Android.

    Hope something helps.