How to Transfer Old Data of Minecraft to PS4 or Xbox

How to Transfer Old Data of Minecraft to PS4 or Xbox

August 12, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    PlayStation and Xbox both have the trendy and popular game MineCraft available. Users can play it on PS4 and Xbox. Despite of not updating graphics, the size of the features has been greatly increased. The MineCraft game in both PS4 and Xbox one is thirty six times bigger than its predecessor in PS3 and Xbox 360. Instead of paying $20 for the new MineCraft game, previous users who played it in PS3 can actually buy it for only $5. Not only that, Users also have the power to transfer all the old game data from old consoles to the new consoles. So, if you spent hours creating your own magical world, it has not gone to waste at all. Gamers spend hours playing games of this kind, as they are creative in nature, they require a lot of hard work and dedication. So, if the transfer feature were not available, it would be a big disappointment for the gamers. Let’s look at the ways the transfer process is done.

    Transfer Old data of Minecraft to New Console:

    It’s not a big deal. You can do it easily. Let’s know

    Xbox 360 to Xbox One:

    It is not complex process. Just follow the instructions below.

    • First of all, turn on the Xbox 360.
    • Now, Launch Minecraft on your console and choose the Play Game option from the menu.
    • Then select the saved game that you like to transfer and press the “Y” button on the controller.
    • Now launch the game in Xbox One.
    • After a successful launch of the game, press the “X” button on the controller.
    • The game will be automatically downloading the old maps and data from the Xbox 360.
    • After the maps and features are transferred, click the button A and start building your world just the way you want from where you left off.

    It should run smoothly in the newer Xbox one device.

    Transfer Old data of Minecraft PS3 to PS4:

    PS4 is a great game console that is of much powerful than its predecessor. Transferring Minecraft game data from older one to this newer console is very simple.

    • To do it, Simply turn your PS3 console.
    • Then launch MineCraft.
    • After launching the game, click “Play Game” from the menu.
    • Then, select the saved game which you want to transfer and press “R1” button, select “Upload save” for PS Vita/PS4. And at last, Press the X button.
    • When the game has been completely uploaded, start playing MineCraft in PS4.
    • Choose “Play Game” from the options menu in the PS4 and click the square button to download the uploaded game from PS3.

    Keep it in mind that you will need an active internet connection to all these tasks for both the PlayStation and Xbox platforms. However, you cannot transfer game data from PS3 to Xbox One or vice versa. So, in case you owned a PS3 before and now have bought an Xbox One, you would have no choice but to start from the sratch.