Troubleshoot Windows Problems – Right Way

October 2, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Troubleshoot is a very familiar word among the windows users. When windows users face any problem, they can troubleshoot it from action center. This is an awesome feature of Microsoft windows. This option let you find and fix any problem of hardware or software in windows. Troubleshoot definition is solve serious problems of company or organization. And in windows operating system troubleshoot meaning is same. It finds and fix any issues of your computer very easily. Today, i’ll discuss about this feature to solve any hardware or software related problems of windows.

    Troubleshoot Windows Problem

    When You Can Use Troubleshooting Option:

    Sometimes, you may face poor performance issue or other problems in your Windows PC. But you can’t get why you are facing these problems. Then the easiest way to find and fix the problems is Troubleshooting. Again you may face trouble to install a hardware in your PC, then you can use this feature. Else, you can use it for audio and video playback problems, internet connection problems, any hardware and software related problems. That means this is the universal feature of windows to find a fix a problem.

    How To Troubleshoot a Problem Of Windows:

    Many windows users don’t use this feature. But it is very easy to use. You can troubleshoot any problems from your control panel. To do it just go to Control Panel >  Troubleshooting. If you are in category view mood, Go to Control Panel > System and Security > Action Center > Troubleshooting. Again you can go to troubleshooting by another way. Just go to Computer or Documents and type it Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Troubleshooting in your address bar and press enter.

    You also can open troubleshoot from taskbar icon. See there is a icon like flag beside the volume and network icon on the right side of your taskbar. Right click on it. Then click on Troubleshoot a Problem.

    troubleshoot a problem

    Now its time to troubleshoot a problem. If you are facing any problem to run a program you can use programs option. By this way you can use Hardware and Sound, Network and Internet, System and Security option according to your problem.

    But if you are unable to find and fix any problem by troubleshooting feature, there is another way. Click on Fix Problems with Windows Update. It will find any problem and fix it with windows update.

    Sometimes, you may not be able to troubleshoot and hardware related problems. Then what will you do? Yes. There is a way. Lets know it.

    Troubleshoot Hardware Problems By Driver Verifier:

    Sometimes, you may face unpredictable problems and can’t find any issue in your PC. Then you can use this driver verifier to troubleshoot you problems.

    It is also very easy. Most of the windows users don’t know about it. Its totally unknown to them. They are not familiar with this word too. Anyway, you can use driver verifier to troubleshoot any drivers in newer versions of Windows.

    • For windows 7 and 10, just click on Windows logo or press windows logo key from your keyboard and type verifier in search box. You will see the Verifier.

    use driver verifier to troubleshoot windows driver problems

    • For Windows 8 or 8.1, open metro menu or press windows logo key from your keyboard and type verifier. You find it and open it.

    troubleshoot windows problem

    • After opening Driver Verifier, mark Create standard setting and click on next. Now mark Automatically select unsigned drivers and click on next.

    troubleshoot windows problem

    • Now you will see the faulty drivers list. Click on finish. Then you can remove and install latest versions these drivers. It will fix your problem. By this way, you can troubleshoot any driver problems by driver verifier.

    troubleshoot windows problem

    You can know more about Driver Verifier from

    But, I must say, Please, Create a system restore point before using driver verifier.

    Manually Troubleshoot Hardware Problems:

    This another way to fix hardware problem. To do it, Go to Computer. Right click on blank space and select properties. Click on device manager. Now click on the Action from menu and select Scan for Hardware Changes. Now see the hardware list. If you see any yellow exclamation sign next to the drivers, Be noticed that it indicates that there is a problem with that hardware or drivers. So update or repair that drivers.

    By this way, windows users can troubleshoot any hardware or software related problems. If you have any questions, let me know by comment.

    You can know more from Microsoft support forum.