UnSend.it to Retrive Accidentally Sent Emails

UnSend.it to Retrive Accidentally Sent Emails

September 3, 2018 By alberto

    Email is a part of our modern life. Sometimes you may send email to wrong person accidentally. You may feel necessity to retrieve that email. You already read an article in xtremerain about retrieving any sent email from gmail account. But google allows you to undo a sent email within 30 seconds (Maximum). That will only work for sent emails on google servers. Microsoft outlook also has same feature. That will only work for sent emails on outlook servers. So these feature may not make you satisfied. But UnSend.it may help you.

    Try UnSend.it to Retrive Accidentally Sent Emails

    What is UnSend.it:

    It is a service that allows users to unsend any sent emails anytime. It will work even after opening mail by the recipient. UnSend.it also allows users to edit or delete any sent emails. It will notify users when the recipient read email. This is a very good feature of UnSend.it.

    How UnSend.it Works:

    Now a question may appear in your mind. That is ‘How UnSend.it works?’. It works very simply. It will convert your text into a simple png image. Then it will send it to the recipient. A tracking code will be included with the email. That will help the users to know when recipient read the email. User who send email by using this service will have full control on the sent email. He/she can unsend, delete or edit the sent email anytime.

    You may ask ‘Why the text will be converted into a simple png image?’. The answer is simple. The converted image will be hosted privately on unsend.it server. That image will be embedded in the email body. So you will have the full control on the email. When you edit or delete your email, the png image will be edited or deleted.

    email has been unsent by unsend.it

    When you unsend your sent email, the recipient will see a message ‘The email has been unsent by the sender’ in his/her inbox. When you edit your email recipient will just see the changes. He/she won’t be notified that you have edited the mail.

    How You will Get the Service:

    You can easily go to the unsend.it website and create a free account. After that follow the instructions. If you need any support, contact with them.

    You will need to configure your current email address setting with unsend.it email address.


    Concept of this service is great. This is an awesome for the peoples who want unsend feature in email. It is still in beta version. So it has some limitations. You won’t get all features like gmail, yahoo or outlook. But hopefully, Unsend.it will bring all necessary features soon. It has another limitation. Many email servers block messages with images by default. The dashboard is not quite cool as you expect. But hopefully, you will get your most necessary requirements in fully developed version.


    It is a free service. But it also has a plan of $5/Mo that won’t be too high. Premium users are allowed to send unlimited emails/day. But free users can only send 50 emails/day.

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    You may try this service to retrieve accidentally sent emails for free. If you ask me do i recommend this service. I’ll say ‘If you really feel the necessity of retrieving accidentally sent emails, You can try this service’. If you want to know more details about this service, you can visit unsend.it website.