Should You Turn off WiFi Router at Night?

Should You Turn off WiFi Router at Night?

October 18, 2018 By kirsten

    Do you keep turned on your wireless home network at night or when it is not in use? But you should turn off router at night. It is probably the worst thing you are doing for your health and environment. WiFi is the most imperative part of the modern tech world. From your home to the educational institution to office desk you need access to WiFi internet connection. Actually, the web world is the vast ocean where modern people spend most of their time and their work is mostly associated with the internet. Apart from WiFi router’s positive sides, there are negative sides also.

    Reasons to Turn Off WiFi Router at Night:

    The Internet offers us every possible thing nowadays. From online shopping to researches there is no limit of the internet world. So, it is necessary to be a part of the internet world and get connected to WiFi. But why would you leave WiFi router turned on 24/7 even while you’re not using it. Invisibly there are some health risks of using WiFi. Actually, every electronic device spread magnetic radiation and they’re harmful to our health as well as environment.

    Today, I will discuss those reasons which will compel you to think twice before leaving your wireless internet connection turned on while you’re not using it.

    Save Electricity:

    In this modern era, still, there are some places, villages, towns which are out of power coverage. You should be thankful if you’re under 24/7 electricity coverage. Electricity is a valuable energy globally.  For many people, electricity is still a daydream. So, is it a smart decision to waste it? As you keep turn on your router and other electronic devices while you’re not using them is draining a big amount of electricity. Else, you’re also paying those extra bucks at the end of the month for your electricity bill. So, the better option is to switch off your router while you’re not using it at night. It will profit you globally and economically.

    Reduce Electromagnetic Radiation:

    Health risks are many if you’re a constant WiFi user. Electronic devices create electromagnetic waves in the environment and put human body into bizarre health issues. The more you use electronic devices the more you are creating magnetic radiations.

    Excessive exposure of electromagnetic waves increases the risk of certain types of tumors. Experts are highly concerned for children getting affected by this radiation. That’s why many countries like France, England, and Sweden are removing wireless internet connection from the school and approaching for wired internet connection for children. Else, people who spend most of their time with magnetic radiated types of equipment suffer from insomnia, chronic headaches and much more. So, you must not wait to turn off your devices after your work as electronic devices are harmful for health.

    Things To Consider While You Use WiFi Router:

    Using WiFi router has both “pros and cons”. Apart from its negative use, you need to use it for wireless internet connectivity to your devices. So, there are some things you should know while you’re using your wireless internet router. Let’s know them.

    • When you don’t need the internet connection, just turn it off.
    • Move router to the area where you stay often or less.
    • Keep a minimum distance of 6 feet from your bedroom to router. Not only the router you should keep away other electronic devices from the bed as they harmful for health.

    As a health concern, I always prefer to switch off the router, Computer, TV, and other electronic devices. Actually, these devices are designed to run 24/7.  But, why would you run them while you’re not accessing them? So, it is high time now to change the habit of keeping them on unnecessarily for the better health and environment.

    Featured Image Credit: Keith Williamson / Flicker