How to Turn On / Off Tablet Mode in Windows 10

How to Turn On / Off Tablet Mode in Windows 10

September 3, 2018 By alberto

    Windows 10 has many features that users should like. Tablet mode is a cool feature that may help you in many ways. If you have a touch screen on your notebook, This feature can be extremely helpful. But, Normal desktop or laptop users who have not such touch screen should not enable it. Because, It won’t help them. But it will make it harder to do any task in windows 10.

    Enable / Disable Tablet Mode in Windows 10

    Enable / Disable Tablet Mode in Windows 10:

    If you want to turn on / off tablet mode, Here are the guides for you. You can do it in three ways. These are –

    1. Turn On / Off Tablet Mode from Settings:

    To get started –

    • Click on Start Button. From start menu go to Settings > System.
    • Look at the left sidebar, You will see “Tablet Mode“. Just click on that.
    • Now, Turn it On or Off by toggling the switch as screenshot above.

    If you already have enabled this feature, It may be harder to find the Settings. If you can’t excess settings, You won’t be able to disable this feature. In that case, You can do one thing. Just open Start Menu and type “settings“. You will find the settings app. Just open it and follow the above procedures to turn off the feature.

    2. Turn On / Off from Action Center:

    From the right corner of taskbar, Click on Notification icon. It will open Windows Action Center. Alternatively, You can press Windows Key + A to open it. Now, Tap on the option called Tablet Mode to turn it On or Off.

    2. Enable / Disable Tablet Mode from Registry Settings (Advanced Users Only):

    There is another way to enable / disable this feature. You can do it from windows registry editor. But, I don’t recommend this method until you need it. Anyway, Here are the steps to follow –

    • Press Windows Key + R to open Run.
    • Type regedit and hit Enter.
    • In registry editor, Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion >ImmersiveShell.
    • When you select Immersiveshell, You will see a DWORD/entry type option named “Tablet Mode“.
    • To turn off tablet mode, Set its value to 0. To turn on, Set the value to 1. Then, Restart your PC.

    I hope, This article will be helpful for you. If you know any better ways, You can share it on comment section.