UC Browser for PC – Browse Faster


UC Browser is a popular web browser among the mobile and tablet users. People use this browser for faster browsing experience. It is available almost every popular platform. Now it is available in PC! In your windows PC, you can install this browser and use it.

UC browser is now available in PC

UC Browser for PC:

UCWeb Inc. is the developer of this browser. It has come for PC with some awesome features. These features will give you a faster web browsing experience.


Here are the major features of PC version.

1. Faster and Smooth Browsing

2. Data Compression

3. Fast Downloads

4. Video Downloader

5. Cloud Sync

6. Easy to Use

7. Chrome Extenions

8. Free WiFi Hotspot


Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

Additional Requirement: Java 7

UC Browser for PC uses less CPU Power and RAM. So you can install it any windows PC.

UC Browser for fastest browsing in PC
UC Browser for PC interface – Click to View in Full Size

UC Browser for PC Description:

Like UC mobile browser, it will also attract you by its performance. UC browser for PC is speedy for 3 reasons. First one is Cloud Boost feature. This feature will compress the images without losing any quality. Second one is Preloading. Which is also known as Prefetching. Third one is Data compression. It compresses data and save bandwidth. As a result user can enjoy a faster browsing.

Another super feature of it is Faster Downloading. It has an awesome download manager which is really faster then other download managers. This PC version has a built in video downloader which let you download any video by one click. Video downloading speed is super fast.

Like other modern browsers, UC browser for PC also has cloud sync feature. Another feature is Adblocking. You can configure this feature from setting. You also can speed up your browsing experience from speed up tab in setting. You can use all of the chrome extensions in it. It has also themes and wallpapers. You will like that.

You also can create a WiFi hotspot from this browser. This is a free hotspot creator.

In fact, It has all modern features. Its interface is also user friendly. But you will like it for its faster browsing performance and speedy video download ability.

But the only bad thing i encounter is CPU usage. It uses much CPU power and RAM. It is not a good point. But overall this is an awesome browser.

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How You will Get UC Browser for PC:

To install it, you have to download it from pc.ucweb.com. After downloading, install it like other applications.


If you compare it to other modern browsers, You will like its browsing speed. UC browser is faster than many other modern web browsers. And all features are also very good. It is also highly secured. You can use it without any trouble.