UK supermarkets have new competition : Amazon

UK supermarkets have new competition : Amazon

November 22, 2015 By alberto

    The most famous online retailer known as Amazon decided to step up and increase the pressure to the traditional supermarkets and shops across the United Kingdom after launching packaged groceries that are available to all of the Prime members of Amazon. This move is probably the most ambitious thing that could have been expected from Amazon, the most gigantic e-commerce.

    Amazon Fresh: The future of grocery shopping

    The online grocery shopping has truly been expanding across the United Kingdom in the past couple of years. Some of the country’s best retail analysts were speculating that the American Amazon company has been gearing up and preparing for a brand new launching of the latest sensation – the Amazon Fresh that will occur in the United Kingdom in 2016. Amazon is one of the most visited e-commerce web sites in the UK and after the launch of Amazon Fresh, we can be more than certain that UK supermarkets will be entering a game of competition with the gigantic company.

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    “Amazon Pantry” for the Prime members

    The most interesting invention is the “Amazon Pantry”, special service that will offer all of the Prime members of Amazon who are annually paying around 79 pounds (129 dollars) different kinds of everyday essential things to choose from, including supplies for the home, all kinds of beverages, food, pet care, baby care, beauty and health products etc. All of the Amazon Prime members will have a chance to choose from even more than four thousand products.

    Amazon’s Prime members’ benefits

    Amazon’s members will be able to fill about 20 kilograms of the special box called Amazon Pantry. If they want a 1-day delivery process, they will have to pay 2.99 pounds for their first box and after that, they will pay 99 pence each time they make the same order from Amazon. The manager of Amazon UK stated that Amazon Pantry was designed to offer all of the essential things that are very much needed in people’s lives every single day. After the launch of this interesting e-commerce option, UK supermarkets might be facing a lot of difficulties, considering that the competition will rise to a different level.

    Amazon Pantry is a sensation in Germany, Japan and USA

    Amazon Pantry is already available in the United States, Germany and Japan. The launching of Amazon Pantry has truly been a sensation there, and this new option by Amazon will certainly become a sensation in Britain, too. The biggest UK supermarkets were witnessing huge profits and sales when they decided to cut some prices when they realized that their customers preferred their biggest competition, the German discount supermarket known as Aldi and the discount shop LIDL.

    Amazon is the leader in online grocery shopping

    Online grocery shopping has become one of the most innovative things of the 21st century where companies are making huge profit. Amazon was offering some drinks and some kinds of food for UK customers for 5 years now, from the day it launched the so-called “Grocery Store”. According to the latest studies based on the online grocery shopping in UK, the grocery market is going to double and get to about 17.2 billions of pounds in the next 5 years. Amazon’s spokesmen stated that Prime Now is going to be rolled out in a couple of British cities, but they did not mention anything about their plans for Amazon Fresh.