Unblock US Smart DNS & VPN to Access Geo Restricted Contents

Unblock US Smart DNS & VPN to Access Geo Restricted Contents

September 23, 2018 By alberto

    Many of us know about smart DNS and VPN. We have to depend on these for some serious reasons. The main reason is accessing geo restricted contents. For example, We can say about Netlfix. The most popular streaming website for TV shows and movies. But it is only available in Europe and America. It also has region based contents. So, If you are in UK, You can’t access Netflix US. If you are are not in netflix supported country, You won’t be able to access its content. At this point smart DNS and VPN can help you. You can easily change your region by using these. Unblock US is one of the most popular Smart DNS service. Today, My review article is about Unblock-US.

    Unblock US Smart DNS and VPN Supported Channels

    How Unblock US Works

    This smart DNS service is similar to others. When, You access a geo restricted website, It will change your region to supprted one for that website. As a result you can easily, Access that website’s contents. To get this facility, You have setup their DNS in your computer. It also provides VPN. If you use their VPN, You can easily access all contents which are available only in United States. You also can use this VPN for any purposes. Let’s review what’s good and what’s bad.

    The Good

    Unblock US smart DNS and VPN service is amazing. It can be a good fit for you. The price is cheaper than many other similar service providers. It unblocks all major channels (example: Netflix, Hulu, Pandora etc) for you. It is very easy to setup. Unblock-US supports all major devices including PC, Smart TV, Smartphone, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Mac etc. Their customer support is also very good. Free trail is also available. So you can test their service before buying. Their service is so user friendly. There are all necessary setup guides and documentations available. You can easily find these in their website.

    The Bad

    The only bad side is their VPN service. It will let you access only USA network. Else, No Linux setup Guide and iOS service only supports in WiFi no 3g or 4g. These may interrupt you.


    I already said their pricing is very good. It is cheaper than many others. Pricing starts from only 4.99 USD per month. It has also a yearly plan which is only 49 USD per year.

    Our Score for Unbloc-US


    How can You Try Their Service

    This is much easier. You can visit unblock US website and get started. You can try their service 7 days for free or you also can purchase monthly or yearly. All setup guides are available in their website. Link: https://www.unblock-us.com/

    Last Words

    If you ask me what is my recommendation, I must say you can try free trail first. Yes, I hope you will like their service and will purchase for full account.