Undo a Sent Email by Using Undo Send Feature of Gmail

Undo a Sent Email by Using Undo Send Feature of Gmail

October 13, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Gmail is so popular around the world. Recently, Google added a new feature in gmail. That is Undo Send. Accidentally, You may send a private mail to a wrong person. That time what you will do? Then Undo Send feature will help you. This feature let you undo a sent email. So this is really a great feature of Gmail. We can thank Google for this feature.

    Undo Send Feature of Gmail

    How to Use Undo Send Feature in Gmail:

    This is very easy process. At first you have to enable this feature. Now i’m describing the full process how to undo a sent email in gmail.

    Enabling Undo Send Feature:

    To enable undo send feature in gmail, You have to follow the steps below.

    • Click on the Gear Icon in the top right corner of gmail window.
    • Select Setting from the drop down menu.
    • Now find Undo Send and enable this feature by marking enable undo send.
    • You can set Send cancellation period manually. Default time is 10 seconds. But you can change it to maximum 30 seconds.
    Undo Send Feature of Gmail

    Click to See Full Image – Undo Send Setting Gmail

    • Now click on Save Changes at the bottom.

    Undoing a Sent Email:

    After enabling Undo Send feature from your gmail setting, you can use it. Now i’ll show you how to undo a sent email.

    • At first send an email to anyone.
    • After sending email, you got a notification ‘Your message has been sent’. But now along with this message, you will get an option ‘Undo’. Click on that undo within send cancellation period. Your email will be returned in your draft box. Your recipient won’t get any email.

    Note: If you failed to undo a sent email before send cancellation period, Your recipient will get the email and you can’t undo that email.

    I hope, this article will help you to undo a sent email. If you have any question about undo send feature, You can visit google support page.