Unlock Android Pattern Lock Easily

November 2, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Many of us use Android Phone. Android is the most popular and user favorable mobile platform. So it’s time to discover some android tricks. Sometimes we face android pattern lock problem. We just forget our email and password. So we can’t unlock it. But today i’ll show you how to unlock android pattern lock.pattern lock

    Android pattern lock is good for your security. It’s so popular among the android users. You just put pattern lock for your security. But if you forget it, what to do? I think you all do wrong attempts. After some wrong attempts, it will be permanently locked. Then android phone will want your email id and password. But if your data connection is not enabled, then you can’t do this trick. Even many users forget their email id and password associated with their Google play store of their android phone! So what’s the solution. So what to do? Is there any solutions?

    When you forget your pattern lock, don’t be upset. There is a way to unlock it. Yes it’s a perfect solution to unlock android pattern lock. Lets know-

    Steps To Unlock Android Pattern Lock:

    – Turn Off your Android Phone

    – At first you need to press the volume up button and hold it.

    – Then press the home button and hold it.

    – Then press the power button and release it when your phone is turned on.

    – Now you will see a android menu screen.

    – Just use volume up & down button for up/down in the menu.

    – Now select Wipe factory/Reset and then select delete all users data.

    – It’ll take some times.

    -Now restart your phone. Or your phone may be automatically restarted.

    – Now see your problem is fixed 🙂

    You can watch the video for help


    source: friendlylearn