Try UnoTelly to Bypass Geo Restrictions and Location Errors

September 4, 2018 By alberto

    Today i’ve come with something great for you. Its UnoTelly. Before knowing about UnoTelly, You should know about Geo Restriction. May be, some of you know what is geo restriction. Sometimes you may notice that you can’t stream a video. Because, When you are going to watch the video, that shows ‘This Video is not Available in Your Country’. Else, there are many region-locked contents available in many websites. When you are going to access these contents, You will see ‘This content is not available in your region’. This is Geo Restriction. Publishers have not made these contents available in your region. As a result, you are unable to access these contents. Now lets know about Unotelly.

    Try UnoTelly to Bypass Geo Restrictions and Location Errors

    What is UnoTelly:

    Unotelly is a service that let you access geo restricted contents by two awesome solutions. These are UnoDNS and UnoVPN. Suppose, Spotify is not available in your region. It is available in USA. But you can be able to access Spotify by UnoTelly. How? UnoTelly will hide your location to Spotify. It’ll create an environment so that Spotify will recognize you. UnoTelly will show that you are accessing Spotify from it’s supported country. You can access many Geo Restricted contents by both UnoDNS and UnoVPS.


    UnoDNS is an awesome solution of UnoTelly. DNS full definition is  Domain Name System. When you try to access any website, Your PC/mobile/Tab sends a request to DNS server via your Internet Service Provider. Then DNS server connect you with your desired website. UnoDNS is same. But it’ll do more things for you. If you use UnoDNS and try to access any Geo Restricted website, it will hide your IP and provide you a local IP so that you can access that Geo Restricted website. As a result you can easily enjoy Geo Restricted contents. Example: You can enjoy Netflix US from other regions. You can enjoy Spotify from unsupported country.

    By using UnoDNS, you can enjoy more than 300 unlocked channels from UnoTelly.


    UnoVPN is different. Its an awesome VPN service from UnoTelly. When you access Geo Restricted contents, UnoDNS works only for that time. But by using UnoVPN, you can enjoy everything anytime. You can use a different network from your home. Suppose, you are in Bangladesh. By UnoVPN, you can enjoy US/UK or other networks from your country. As a result, you will be able to enjoy every Geo Blocked contents of these countries. There is no limit. UnoVPN is highly secured. The only limitation is its limited number of data centers. There are only 5 data centers.

    Try UnoTelly to Bypass Geo Restrictions and Location Errors

    How You will Enjoy UnoTelly Services:

    It is quite easy. Just go to UnoTelly website and create a free account. Then follow the instructions. This is a premium service. But you can enjoy it 7 days for free. UnoTelly is supported by almost every common devices. You can get setup instructions and Supported device list from here.

    In free trail account, you can enjoy only UnoDNS. If you want to enjoy UnoVPN, you have to subscribe their Gold Plan.

    Prices and Offers:

    I already told you this is an awesome premium service. But it is cheap. That means you can enjoy best services in cheap rate. You can buy their premium plan only for $3.94/Mo. Regular price is $4.95/Mo. Gold plan is $4.93/Mo. Regular price is $7.95/Mo.

    Else, You may have a 1 year premium subscription for free! You just need to invite your friends to use UnoTelly.

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    Do I Recommend Unotelly?

    Yes obviously. I recommend you to try UnoTelly to bypass Geo Restrictions. UnoTelly services and their customer supports are great. Many users gave me positive feedbacks about UnoTelly. And personally i’m also using this service. I didn’t find any service interruptions or any other issues. I’m enjoying it as i expect.

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    To know more about UnoTelly, you should visit their website.