How to Update Drivers in Windows 10/8/7 More Conveniently

How to Update Drivers in Windows 10/8/7 More Conveniently

August 26, 2018 By alberto

    To have an optimal performance from your Windows computer, You must update drivers regularly. Because Incompatible outdated drivers are responsible for so many problems including the blue screen of death. So, In this article, You will know about some ways to update drivers more conveniently.

    Keeping all drivers up to date is essential like windows update. Old and outdated drivers can cause so many problems. Your PC may perform slowly and many programs may not work properly. A savvy user never leaves his/her PC with any outdated component as he/she is aware of the risk of out dated drivers.

    How to Update Drivers in Windows:

    While you get some of the drivers update through windows update, you still need to do additional things to keep all of the drivers and components up to date.

    Updating drivers in windows 10, 8 or 7 can be very easy or complex. It depends on how you are doing it. There are actually two ways to install latest updates for your drivers. One is manual which may seem a bit complex or boring to both savvy and normal users. Another one is automated and much easier. I, of course, recommend you to pick the automated method. Because It saves your time from a few minutes to few hours. However, Here are the methods to keep drivers up to date.

    1. Update Drivers Manually

    Manual update is free but lengthy. It may seem a bit complex to you. However, There are two manual ways. These are-

    a. Windows Device Manager:

    In windows device manager, you will see all of the drivers’ list of your computer. Sometimes, It helps to identify the problematic drivers. However, If you want to check for latest updates through it, you can’t do it by one click. You will need to check and install update one by one. Here are the instructions to follow.

    Updating drivers using windows device manager

    • First of all open RUN by pressing Windows Key + R on the keyboard.
    • Then, Type devmgmt.msc and press Enter.
    • Now, You will see a new window which device manager. There you will see all of the drivers list of your PC.
    • To update any of them, Just right click on that driver and choose Update Driver Software.
    • Now, You will get two options. a. Search automatically for updated driver software b. Browse my computer for driver software. If you have a good internet connection, Choose first one. You also can choose the second one. In that case, You should have to offline driver package saved to your local hard disk.
    • After choosing the first option, It will search for the latest driver software online and update it automatically. You may be asked for permissions.
    • If you choose, the Second option, You will need to browse and select the folder where the driver installer has been saved/downloaded. After doing it, Your PC will install it automatically.

    b. Update Driver from Latest Installer Package Manually:

    Sometimes, Windows device manager may not detect the actual driver. It happens more often than you are thinking. As a result, It becomes almost impossible to install the driver package through device manager. As a result, You may need to update/install drivers by downloading package file from the internet. To do it-

    • First of all, Visit your computer manufacturer website. If you have a PC of Dell, Just go to For HP, Go to For Apple, Go to You will have to find the download center where you will find all of the latest driver software.
    • Then, Choose your model number and download the available released software. There should be an option to automatically detect your computer model. It will also suggest you the drivers which should be updated.
    • Anyway, If you download drivers manually, You can just install normally. It will automatically update the existing version.

    Though manual methods are a bit technical, it is free too.

    2. How to Update Drivers More Conveniently in Windows:

    There are peoples like me who don’t want to spend much time for simple things. Of course, Driver update process is very easy. But, It can be lengthy sometimes. Else, It is not possible to regularly check for latest driver updates. In this case, Some third-party tool can save us. There are several cool tools to take care of your PC drivers. iObit Driver Booster is one of them. Actually, It is a very good third-party tool to make your life easier.

    iObit Driver Boost to Update All PC Drivers

    Update Drivers Using iObit Driver Booster:

    This is a no brainer tool to keep all drivers and gaming components up to date. If you have not already installed it, you should do it immediately. Or you can purchase its pro version. However, Here are the helpful instructions to use this tool.

    • First of all, Download and install this product.
    • Then, Open driver booster. It should automatically scan your drivers and show you which ones need update.
    • However, You can simply update all faulting, missing, problematic and out dated drivers with just one click.

    Update Windows Drivers by Intel Driver Update Utility:

    In your windows PC, You also can update your drivers by Intel Driver Update Utility. You will have to download it from here:

    However, This tool won’t update all drivers. It will only detect and install updates for a very limited number of drivers.

    • However, After downloading intel driver update utility, Install, launch it.
    • Then, Click on Scan. It will automatically scan your PC and look for the latest driver updates.

    intel driver update utility

    • After a few seconds/minutes, You will have the driver lists which should be updated. You can download them by clicking on Download Button.
    • After that install them normally.

    3. Update Drivers Offline:

    In some cases, Users may not be able to connect to the internet on a PC for many reasons. In that case, The only way to update drivers is updating from a downloaded file. You can download the correct drivers from the manufacturers’ website on another PC. Then, Copy them to a pendriver and connect the pendrive to your PC. After that, Install the update from that the pendrive.

    To get the maximum from your computer, you must update drivers regularly. So, I think these tips will help you.