Upgrading My Office 365 Personal to Home for just $10!

Upgrading My Office 365 Personal to Home for just $10!

August 19, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    We live in a modern world filled with new technologies and constant changes, we are now dependent on our computers and laptops for school or office work. Not only that, but its accessories are also becoming a necessity, Microsoft Office being one of the most important software in order to get a project done quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come cheap. With two types of programs to choose from, Office 365 Personal at $70 and Office 365 Home at $100 per year (!), it does sound like a hefty price to pay. And not all of us can dive into the investment, as good as the deal seems.

    How to Upgrade Office 365 Personal to Home for $10 Only:

    Luckily, we found a way to cut costs. You can easily convert a Personal subscription to a Home subscription for just $10! Rather than shelling out $100 a year for a subscription of Office 365 Home, you can simply spend $70 and pay just a one-time fee of $10!

    The great thing about it is that it isn’t illegal or a violation of any term, as it’s just a “loophole” around Windows. Not only that, but it’s also pretty easy to get it done.

    Basically, once you’ve subscribed to Office 365 Personal, you’ll be buying Office 365 Home on an auto-renewal plan of one month. Turn the auto-renew option off, you’ll still have the Home subscription! The reason why it works and how long it will last is unknown, as its just a sort of trick or loophole, but anyhow, it’s a mere $10 instead of a yearly $99.99 subscription, so it’s a relatively small risk!

    If you aren’t already subscribed to Office 365 Personal, then I suggest that you purchase any Windows device under $70 as it already comes with a year of Office for free! Not only that, but you can also combine licenses when purchasing two or more Windows devices, meaning that if you have two Windows devices, you’ll be able to combine Office’s licenses and turn that one year subscription into two, AND be able to have the two year subscription to Office 365 Home for just $10.

    Once you have already subscribed to Office 365 Personal, here’s how it works:

    buy & download office 365 home for 9.99 USD

    • Complete the checkout.
    • Go to Office Online account page to verify you have owned the office 365 Home or not.
    • Once you see you’re a verified subscriber of the Office 365 Home, click Manage Accounts and turn off auto-renew.

    And that’s all there is to it! Now you’ll be able to enjoy the perks of Office 365 Home for as long as you’re subscribed to it. Now though it worked for me and a number of people, I can’t vouch that it will 100% work for you, or if Microsoft will find out and change its settings or whatnot. But for just $10 for a nice upgrade, it’s worth the try!