How to Use Android Phone in Microsoft Ecosystem

How to Use Android Phone in Microsoft Ecosystem

October 24, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Probably, There are still some windows phone lovers who badly want miracle in mobile phone market. It’s cruel but true that it is a daydream at least for the current situation. Many users have already moved to android. If you are one of them and not liking the android ecosystem, You may try to make it like windows mobile. Probably, You will like to use android in Microsoft ecosystem. If you are not understanding how to do it, This is an article that can help you.

    Use Android Phone in Microsoft Ecosystem

    In fact, I also like microsoft ecosystem. Previously, I used a few windows smartphones. I still have my old lumia 630 and recent 650. But, I have completely moved to android. Because, I can’t depend on windows anymore. But, It was a bit difficult for me to use it like a windows mobile. But, I changed a few things which make it easier.

    How to Use Android Phone in Microsoft Ecosystem to Get Feelings of Windows Phone / Mobile:

    If you have already moved to android, Probably, You have copied all contacts from windows to android. After that, Some of the users may have installed any third-party launcher to make the interface like windows mobile. Unfortunately, They may have done wrong. Because, Microsoft has not released any android launcher that looks like windows phone. So, What you should do to use android in microsoft ecosystem? Here the things you can do.

    1. Install Microsoft Apps:

    At first, You will need to install Microsoft Apps from play store. This will act like an app store which only contains apps from microsoft. In fact, It is your first step to use android in microsoft ecosystem.

    2. Install Arrow Launcher

    Probably, You know about this app. This an official launcher for android phone from Microsoft. In your second step, You should install arrow launcher from play store or microsoft apps. This is really an awesome product from Microsoft. You can configure it according to your preference. But, I would like to suggest you to do those things.

    Change Wallpaper:

    • After installing it, Activate it as default launcher.
    • Now, In your phone’s desktop, Slide your finger up from the bottom.
    • It will pull up the bottom bar. You should see a small settings icon. Just tap on it.
    • Now, Go to Change wallpaper > Bing wallpaper and turn on Enable daily bing wallpaper.

    Change Icon Pack:

    • Again, Go to Arrow launcher settings like before.
    • Now, Scroll down and find Set icon pack. Tap on it.
    • Enable Use custom icon pack and choose Arrow.

    Add Microsoft Account:

    • This time, Navigate to Arrow launcher settings > General settings > Accounts.
    • Now, Add your microsoft account.

    These are some of my recommendations. But, You can tweak any settings according to your wish.

    3. Install Next Lock Screen:

    This is your next step. Install Next lock screen app. Definitely you will like it. It is better than native android lock screen. It also supports finger print lock. So, You won’t need to worry, If you have a biometric supported handset.

    4. Install Onedrive:

    Onedrive is definitely a popular choice of smart peoples. With your office 365, You get 1 TB free space, Which increases its appeal to users. As a previous windows phone user, You may want to continue using onedrive as your default cloud storage solution for smartphone. Infact, Without this, Microsoft ecosystem in android seems incomplete. So, Install Onedrive after finishing previous steps.

    Now, You should make your onedrive more useful. Just go to onedrive settings and enable camera upload. It will upload any captured photo to onedrive automatically. Though, It depends on your choice. But, Most windows mobile users like this feature. So, To make android phone like a microsoft’s device, You can enable it.

    5. Install Cortana:

    Well, Microsoft just released its digital assistant cortana for android users. It is a built-in feature of windows phone / mobile. So, To get feelings of windows phone, You must install Cortana in your android phone. It will do everything of Google now. You can easily enable “Hey cortana” feature. Like windows mobile, It will also send android phone notification to your windows 10 desktop.

    6. Install Outlook, Skype and Office Apps:

    So, You have done so many things which have already started giving flavour of microsoft’s ecosystem. So, What are the things you still need to do? Definitely, You have forgot about Outlook and Skype. Infact, Outlook is widely popular mail app. So, You can use it as default. It also includes calendar feature. So, It can be your primary calendar app. Definitely, Skype is better and it worth replacing hangout. As a microsoft lover, You must have skype in any devices.

    Android has default document file reader. But, You still may want to use Microsoft Office apps like word, powerpoint, onenote, excel etc. Actually, It will let you do more things easily. All of your documents will be synced device to device.

    These 6 steps will help you to use your android phone in microsoft ecosystem. But, You may not find real feelings of windows phone because of phone’s desktop interface. In that case, You can install any launcher that makes android interface like windows. SquareHome 2 can be a good choice.

    What Else?

    There are plenty of microsoft apps available in android. Microsoft Authenticator, MSN Weather and Xbox may make you feel more like a windows phone user.

    Though, There are still a long way to go to get full feelings like a windows phone, These suggestions still can be helpful. If microsoft brings services like groove music in play store, It will help more to use android in microsoft ecosystem. Anyway, You can share your view in comment box. I would like to know your feedback, view and suggestions.