How to Use Your Chromecast for Multiplayer Games

How to Use Your Chromecast for Multiplayer Games

August 15, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    The Google Chromecast is an amazing device that you can just plug in and have movies and videos streamed straight from your phone! No need to download and have it transferred or use a USB or CD when you can simply connect your phone to the Chromecast plugged to our television and start streaming in real time. With a newer version released, it comes with a set of whole new features that continue to wow us with the same price of just $35. Fast in performance and a new sleek design that can be simply be plugged to use, it’s definitely a steal!

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    Not only will you be able to stream videos from your Chromecast, but did you know that you can also play multiplayer games with it, too? Using your smart phone as controllers, you can also play games on your television, too! You can also simply connect your Android phone of computer desktop to play your games on the big screen.

    How to Play Multiplayer Party Games on Chromecast

    It isn’t rocket science to know how to play games on the television using your Chromecast. Here’s how you can play games on your television using your Google Chromecast:

    • Find games! Of course, you’ll need to install games you want before actually being able to play them, provided that it’s designed for Chromecast. You’ll be able to find apps like these on your iPhone or Android phone. When looking for games using your phone, simply open the Chromecast app (Install it if you haven’t yet!), and tap the “Get Apps” header. Right there, you’ll be able to see a number of games you can choose from. You can also visit the Chromecast website when using a computer.
    • Time to play! To start playing, simply open it up like you would with any other app. After installing the app, open it using your phone and connect it to your Chromecast plugged to the television and start having some fun. It’s as simple as casting music and videos from your phone or app to your Chromecast. The game will now appear on your television, along with the device you used to cast it, may it be phone, tablet or desktop computer. To play with multiple people, they can just install the apps themselves and use their own phones as controllers, too.

    Quick and easy, right? And it isn’t only fun for you, but fun for the whole family or group of friends, too! Now you’ll be able to play it during family gatherings or a fun night in with friends. This is perfect for the modern party games where you’ll have an easier cleanup, and a great way to impress others with the handy Google Chromecast! But while it sets a fun mood for all, the choices of games are still limited… For now! Popular and fun games are available such as Monopoly, Just Dance and Wheel of Fortune. Keep watch for new and upcoming games this coming 2016.m