How to Use Dynamic Lock in Your Windows 10 PC

How to Use Dynamic Lock in Your Windows 10 PC

September 23, 2018 By alberto

    The dynamic lock is the latest available features after Windows 10 creators update has come. You can use it with Bluetooth connection between your PC and phone. You can easily pair your devices in Windows 10 through Bluetooth and grab many benefits of it. Dynamic computer lock is one of the best features for many practical Windows users. It is latest but worthy to use now. You won’t find this feature on the older version of Windows 10 operating system. So, just make sure your operating system is up to date or not.

    Enable Dynamic Windows 10 PC Lock When You Walk Away:

    Why should you try Dynamic lock now? Well, this question can pop-up in your mind and this is why you are here reading this.

    Reasons To Use Dynamic PC Lock:

    You might work on your computer for several hours. It happens much time that I forgot to lock or shut down my PC before leaving my home. Unexpectedly, I walked away leaving my pc running on. I remember that I left my PC turned on and forgot to switch it off when I reached in my class or I am far away from my home. In that case, it would not be possible for me to come back instantly to turn off the computer. It can be a threat to many of us. Because our PC contains a lot of personal data.

    We really don’t want anyone to get them anyway. Our secrets and confidential work are like another part of us. If you don’t want them to explore by anyone then it is not a surprising matter. Enabling dynamic lock will lock your computer automatically when your phone goes out of the Bluetooth range.

    Lock Your PC Automatically With Dynamic Lock Feature:

    As I already told in the starting that you need to connect your phone to Windows 10 with Bluetooth connection. So, your operating must need to stay updated. Bluetooth configuration is needed for both of the components such as mobile and computer.

    If your mobile is not paired in your Windows 10 operating system then, first of all, pair it manually. just follow this article to pair your mobile in your PC. Once you pair your phone and PC, you can enable dynamic lock and enjoy its benefits.

    Enable Windows 10 Dynamic Lock

    Activate Windows 10 Dynamic Lock:

    Once you have paired your mobile and computer, you can turn on computer dynamic lock now.

    • Navigate to Start button or simply click on Windows button from the keyboard.
    • Go to Settings and Accounts subsequently.
    • Now, click on Sign-in options.
    • Scroll down a bit and you will get Dynamic Lock and tick on the box beside it.

    After you’re done with your settings your computer will get automatically lock when you walk away with your mobile phone. It will take 30 seconds time to correspond. If someone starts using your pc within these 30 seconds that is really your bad luck. Your PC needs to restart manually when you come back. Remember, every device has different signal strengths. It will vary on the distance and your pc will get locked when your phone has crossed the limited range.

    Otherwise, when you turn off Bluetooth on your phone, your PC will turn locked even you are near to it. This feature is still under development and might not work for you or someone else. Well, if you experience it is not working then restart your computer and retest.

    Your phone doesn’t connect to the Computer with Bluetooth connection then try the following steps.

    • Go to Settings from the Start Menu.
    • Navigate to Update & Security.
    • From this section select Recovery.

    Once you’ve selected recovery option you will go back to the previous version of Windows 10. Then you can try connecting your phone navigating to Bluetooth & Other devices from the Settings option. Now, just simply uninstall Windows 10 build 15031 from your computer. The upgraded version will store the Bluetooth connection. So, you will able to enjoy dynamic lock feature.

    Are you done with this feature? If you’re yet to explore this feature I would suggest you try this as soon as possible. If you have more query regarding this feature do comment below.