How to Use Google Play Music on Windows 10 Mobile and Desktop

How to Use Google Play Music on Windows 10 Mobile and Desktop

October 26, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    No matter where you are, You can listen your favorite musics on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music or Amazon prime. These are some popular music streaming services. In the race, Spotify is a bit ahead. Because, It is available in all major platforms. Many peoples like Google Play Music. But, At the end, Some users have to become a bit disappointed. Because, It is only available in android and iOS platforms while spotify is available in windows phone, mobile and desktop too. You may want to use Google Play Music on windows mobile or desktop and surprisingly it is very possible.

    How to Use Google Play Music on Windows 10 Mobile / Desktop:

    Streaming favorite songs from Google Play music on windows 10 mobile or windows phone is very easy. You won’t have to be a scientist or play any tricks to do it. There is an app called Media Player for gMusic available in windows store. It allows users to access play music easily. Here are full instructions:

    • First of all, Download and install Media Player for gMusic. This is available for both mobile and desktop. So, You also can follow that link from your windows 10 PC.
    • After being installation process done, Open it and login it with your google account credentials.

    Sometimes, You may not be able to sign in. Because, You have enabled two steps verification in google account. In that case, You will have create app password to login. Here are the instructions.

    • At first, Go to this Google App Password Page.
    • From there, Click on Select app and choose other and then give it a name something like gMusic or anything you want.
    • Click on Generate. Now, You will have your app password. Just use it to login into your play music account in Media player for gMusic app.
    • Done.

    How to Use Media Player for gMusic:

    After opening this app, You will have all necessary options to enjoy songs conveniently. This is pretty easy to use. But, You won’t have the full play music experience here. But, At least you can stream music comfortably. Like Google Play Music android app, It cache music. So, When you are offline, It won’t stop you from listening songs. You also can access your playlists from this app. After tapping on three lines icon, You will get the necessary options like Explore, Music, Video, Playlists and Settings. Just use these options according your preference.

    Use Google Play Music on Desktop:

    Media player for gMusic app is also accessible from windows 10 desktop. But, If you have windows 7 or any other windows versions that doesn’t have app store, You will have to  download this program and install in your PC. Using this win32 desktop app is very easy. You won’t have to create app password to login. All official settings and options are available here. In addition, It has an option called Desktop settings. This app is also available in in Mac and Linux. If you don’t want to use a third-party app, You may stream music in Google Play Music web player from any browser.

    Hope it helps!