Fix OneDrive On-Demand Sync Feature Missing Issue and How to Use it

Fix OneDrive On-Demand Sync Feature Missing Issue and How to Use it

August 31, 2018 By kirsten

    On-Demand Sync is a widely expected feature for Microsoft Onedrive. MS released it on 17 October 2017. Still, Some users are missing this feature. So, Now, You will know how to fix on-demand sync feature not available issue and how to use this feature.

    Microsoft announced the fall creators update a few months ago. It has been released and users are upgrading their windows 10 build to 16299 version. One of the major feature that has come with this build is on demand sync for onedrive. Unfortunately, Many users have not got this feature even after installing fall creators update for windows 10. But, There is way to resolve this issue.

    How to Fix On-Demand Sync Feature Missing Issue:

    The possible reason is you have not get the update for onedrive. May be, Windows 10 has been updated to the latest version. But, It may happen that your PC contains the older onedrive app. In fact, This is the reason on-demand sync is not available yet for some users. But, If you can manually install the latest OneDrive, this will resolve your problem. So, Here are the instructions:

    • First of all, Click Here to download the latest OneDrive Desktop app for windows.
    • Now, Install it in your PC.
    • Then, Open OneDrive settings and login with your Microsoft account if requires.

    enabling on-demand sync onedrive

    • Now, Go to the Settings tab and see that your expected feature is available now. To activate this feature, just check Save space and download files as you use them.

    So, Doing those things will avail on-demand sync feature in onedrive and resolve your problem.

    How to Use On-Demand Sync Feature:

    Using this feature is very easy and simple. However, Those instructions given below may help you.

    • At first, Enable on-demand sync by following above instructions.
    • Then, Go to OneDrive folder on your PC.
    • Now, You can view any files. OneDrive will only download a file if you view it.
    • You also have the ability to delete the downloaded file to free up space. However, If you right click on any files or folders, you will get two useful options such as Free up space and Always Keep on this Device. If you want a file or folder to be stored locally on your PC so that you can access them offline, you can choose always keep on this device option. You also have the ability to uncheck it. However, You also can choose free up space to delete the downloaded version of a file or folder.
    • However, See the screenshot below. It will clear everything about on-demand feature.
    OneDrive On-Demand Sync Symbol Details

    Screenshot from:

    Some of you may want to keep the whole onedrive offline. In that case, You may consider moving onedrive folder to another partition in order to save space of local disk C.

    Hope something helps!