Use Physical Game Controller with iPhone, iPad, or Android Device

Use Physical Game Controller with iPhone, iPad, or Android Device

October 13, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    While playing games on a touchscreen device, the hefty touch controls can ruin your gaming experience. But there is a good news, the IOS devices and Google Android devices, support physical game controllers. This will enhance your gaming experience by allowing you to have an even control, while you are playing a game on your smart phone or tablet. In this article I will guide on

    How to Use Physical Game Controller with an iPhone, iPadAndroid Device

    This feature is supported by a reasonable amount of games, but may not work on every single game you own. Note that, every mobile game may not support physical game controllers. Relatively with the support of Apple TV’s,MFi controllers quite a few games can afford this feature. In support of Android devices like the NVIDIA Shield, have optimized developers to have controller support for their games.

    Using Physical Game Controllers with iPhone and iPad

    iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches support standardized gamepad controller, since the release of iOS 7 in 2013. Controllers developed and certified with Apple’s MFi (Made For iPhone/iPad) certification will work with games that have implemented MFi controller support. This is just like how Apple certifies other iPhone/iPad accessories, like Lightning cables.
    Few MFi controllers need bodily connection, so you have to plug them into the Lightning port on your iPhone or iPad. Nevertheless, the majority of the MFi controllers can sync wirelessly by means of Bluetooth, like a Bluetooth headset or keyboard.

    How to put the controller in pairing mode?

    • First of all, set the controller in a pairing mode
    • Now to the Settings on your iPhone or iPad
    • Turn on Bluetooth.
    • Tap the controller, turn it on, to pair it with your iphone/ipad.
    • Search device on your iphone/tablet.
    • When your phone detects the controller, tap on name of the physical controller
    • Connect via Bluetooth

    Google did not focus too much on physical controllers for Android devices, but some developer has. NVIDIA’s Android-based SHIELD devices include physical gaming controllers. Games that work with an NVIDIA Shield controller should work just fine with other types of controllers, too. Some games may advertise controller support on Google Play, but not all of them will, so it’s worth giving it a try with your favorite game either way.

    Android supports several types of controllers. If you have a wireless Bluetooth controller,

    • You have to pair your Android device and the controller.
    • Turn on the pairing mode of the controller.
    • Next, go to your Android device setting, turn the Bluetooth on.
    • Your device will be able to detect the name of your controller.
    • Tap on the screen where the name of the controller is visible.
    • Now the controller will be paired with your Android Device.
    • So, launch a game, and start playing.