How To Use Whatsapp On PC Browser

September 21, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Whatsapp is one of the most popular instant messaging app. Many of us are using it. I’m also using this app. It’s available in Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian, Blackberry etc. That means it’s available almost in every popular platform. But the another wonderful news is ‘Now users can use whatsapp by web browsers in PC’. Hopefully, it’s a great news. But this feature is only available for Google Chrome browser. Later you can use whatsapp on other browsers. Anyway, today i will discuss how to use Whatsapp on google chrome browser.

    how to use whatsapp on google chrome

    Use Whatsapp On Google Chrome:

    First of all you should know what will need to use whatsapp on Google Chrome.

    1. You should have latest version Whatsapp intsalled in your smartphone or Tab.

    2.  Google Chrome Browser must be installed in your PC.

    3. The most important thing is having internet connection in your Computer & Smartphone/Tab.


    Step 1: First of all open your google chrome browser from your PC. Then Click Here or go to this URL

    Step 2: Now you will see a screen like the picture given below. There you will get a QR code. Now open whatsapp on your mobile/tab.

    how to use whatsapp on google chrome

    Step 3: Now open menu. There you will see broadcast lists, archived chats, whatsapp web, setting etc. You need to tap/click on Whatsapp Web. If you don’t see whatsapp Web in your menu. Then you must update your Whatsapp.

    Step 3: After clicking /taping on whatsapp web, QR scanner will be opened in in your mobile. You just need to focus your camera lens on the QR code of in your Google Chrome browser.

    How to use whatsapp on google chrome


    Step 4: You have done everything. Now wait for a few seconds. You will be logged in automatically. Now start using whatsapp on Google Chrome browser in your PC.

    how to use whatsapp on google chrome 2


    If you have any question, ask by comment.