How to Use Windows Applications on a Mac

How to Use Windows Applications on a Mac

August 24, 2018 By kirsten

    There has been huge debate over Samsung and Apple products. Well, Android and iOS systems, to be general. Same goes along with Windows and Mac. While both of them have their own set of advantages or disadvantages, there will always be a distinct separation with consumers choosing one over another. As for me, I’m more inclined to use Apple products and use a Macbook myself, along with other members of my family. While I feel more comfortable using a Macbook, it’s got a huge disadvantage, and that’s the freedom I can (or can’t!) get when it comes to playing certain programs or customizing its system. While I never really minded the customization of my laptop, it’s the fact that I can’t play certain programs that irks me most.

    What makes it even worse is that I’ll need to purchase a new Windows-run laptop, just so I’ll be able to run programs needed for work, studies or play! It will be such a hassle t bring TWO laptops, and have to alternate between both when getting files and doing certain things. So before I actually started tearing up at the idea of having to switch brands, I did a quick search and lo and behold, there’s a way on how to use Windows-run programs in your own Macbook!

    Use Windows Apps on Mac:

    Here are some of the programs you can install in order for you to run Windows software on your Macbook:

    • Parallels – One of the most recommended programs for Mac that will effectively get you using Windows software on your Mac. With tons of great bits and a fast performance, this is the one for professionals or students needing the Windows programs. But it comes with a price, and the fact that you’ll need a Windows license doesn’t make it any better. It makes a great investment, though, especially for ones that are working and need it! I mean, would you rather get a whole new desktop, or pay a smaller price for a program that can be put in just one laptop?
    • Boot Camp – An effective program but with one downfall: You can only use either Windows or Mac at a time. But better than physically switching laptops, eh? When installing it, you will also need a Windows license in order to start using it.
    • Wine – A much cheaper alternative since you won’t need a license and it still gets the job done, BUT like most things free, it’s got its limits. Some Windows programs won’t work, and there may be bugs in others. But with a look and design that’s easy to understand, this can be used with less hassle, so long as the program you want to run is compatible!

    And there you have it, surefire ways on how to use your Macbook as a Windows system. No need to switch brands or put up with alternative programs, because now you can just simply install these useful programs to give you what you need and have you finishing your jobs in no time!