Most Useful Cortana Voice Commands in Windows 10

Most Useful Cortana Voice Commands in Windows 10

October 25, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Cortana is fully designed to make your Windows 10 access easier in PC and phone. There is no Microsoft’s official complete list of cortana voice commands. But still you can know the most common commands that you may need to use anytime. I have already informed you how to customize & set up Cortana, enable it globally, connect Cortana with Microsoft Health Account & use her to restart, log off, and shut down pc etc. It can perform a lot of handy tasks of your daily life. Apart from Windows users, iPhone & Android users can have the Cortana app installed on their phone.

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    Common Cortana Voice Commands in Windows 10 You Need To Know:

    Cortana is one of the coolest features of Windows 10 PC & mobile. There is also other digital assistant like Google Now and Siri for Android & iPhone works almost like Microsoft’s digital assistant. Today, I am going to share an unofficial list for voice commands Cortana in Windows 10.

    Hey Cortana:

    You can enable Cortana in two ways. One is through voice commands by saying and another is typing the commands in the Start Menu. If you want to enable “Hey Cortana” feature then you can follow given points below.

    • From the Start Menu search “Cortana Settings”.
    • Tick the toggle below “Hey Cortana”.
    • Under the “Respond best” choose “to me” so that Cortana can customize your voice. You may have to practice a couple of times to teach your voice to her. In a meanwhile it will work only for you then.

    Else, it is not necessary to use voice commands. It is better if you choose to type your commands, but every time typing big sentences can be inefficient. Actually she is very flexible to catch your command in a small sentence even. Like you don’t need to say the whole sentence “Which people have birthday this month”, you can only go for “birthday dates of this month”. Moreover, you can try shorter.

    Get Information:

    Indeed, it’s one of a best personal digital assistant. Every assistant requires some qualities. Such as he/she will give you information when you need, he/she will make your work easier; he/she will manage your time and make you help to work faster. Well, you can found all these qualities in Cortana. So, she can offer personalized information according to what she knows about you. It depends much of the Microsoft’s services you are using now. You have to sync Google services to fill all the gaps you may need to use.

    • Know Weather:

    If you have enabled location service already so you can know about your area’s weather. Else, you can also ask for other city or area’s weather.

    • Know Schedule:

    As you have saved your upcoming schedules on Outlook & built in calendar then you may ask Cortana about your schedule. Simply asking “what’s today, tomorrow/the next day, next week or any other day” makes everything easier for you. You can even ask “Is there any meeting on 23th February”.

    • Flight Status:

    If Microsoft knows your flight schedule by Outlook or email then you can ask “my flight schedule/status”. You can know the details if you have the number of a flight. You can sync Gmail with the built in Mail app or Outlook may help to pick important information news for you.

    • Find Directions on Map:

    If you want to go to an unknown place then Cortana can show you directions by using Bing Maps. Just ask Cortana “show me direction to xxxxxx (estimated place name)”.

    • Travel Time:

    During traveling you may need to know appropriate time to reach at your destination. If you have location service enabled so you can know the estimated time to reach at your place.

    • Show Notes:

    Are you using OneNote? You can ask her “show me my notes”. You can also see the notes filtering date range. Such as “show me notes from July, 2015”.


    You can make some settings by asking her only. Let’s know them.

    • Turn on/off Wi-Fi.
    • Turn on/off Bluetooth.
    • Turn on/off Airplane mode.

    Set Reminders, Alarms, Events, Schedule and Many More:

    It is a matter of decency when your personal assistant read back all those things you already told her. But you will find it more interesting when a digital assistant can take care of your meetings, events, alarms and manages your time approaching more activity and productivity.

    • Create Appointment:

    You have to use Microsoft’s calendar services to create and modify appointments. You just have to say “create an appointment for 5th February at 5.00 pm.

    • Change Appointment Schedule:

    Due to some unnecessary reason you need to change your appointment schedule. So, just say “change my 5th February 5.00 pm. meeting to 10th February 2.00 pm.”

    • Set Reminders:

    You can’t remember everyone’s birthday from family and friend circle. So, you can set reminder at your Windows phone. You can ask for setting birthday reminders, to make a particular call at specific time or you can set reminder to go somewhere at the correct time & date.

    • Show My Reminders:

    You can simply see your reminders. Say to voice commands “show me reminders”. So, it will acknowledge you all the completed & upcoming reminders.

    • Set Alarm:

    Tell Cortana to “set alarm for 6.00 am”. Yeah, life is that much easy. You can alarm to occur once a day or recur many times you require.

    Search Online:

    Cortana the personal digital assistant show search result from Bing. If you want you can change it to Google. Let me tell you all the way to search through her.

    • Find Nearby Good Restaurant:

    If you want have today’s dinner outside and can’t be sure where to go then just ask Cortana to show nearby good restaurant as per your choices like Thai, Indian, Chinese, Italian and many more.

    • Open Web:

    You can also go to a webpage with this voice commands. For example, say “open” or “”.

    • Search Videos:

    Cook loving people like me are always in search of new way of cooking. You can ask her to “show me a video on how to make peanut butter at home” or “show me video song straight from the heart by Bryan Adams”.

    • Know Around the World:

    For some reasonable causes you can ask Cortana “what is the population of China”, “Which is the most beautiful desert of the world” and many more.

    If I keep saying the complete list is not going to end ever. I just want all you to know that every possible thing you can ask Microsoft’s voice commands Cortana.