Skype Users are Facing Skype Network Issue

Skype Users are Facing Skype Network Issue

November 26, 2015 By kirsten

    From the second week of November, 2015, Most of the skype users are facing several issues. Microsoft is also aware of these problems. They are working to fix it. But still, users are facing issues.

    Personally, I’m also facing this skype issue. Last week, I noticed there is something wrong with skype. I could not communicate with my team members and others properly. Messages were not delivering. Even, I missed some incoming messages. It was annoying. It interrupted my works.

    How I Became Sure that It is Skype Network Issue

    I did not think it is skype service issue. I reset and re-installed my skype desktop app. But still there was no changes. I was surprised to see that my skype mobile app was same. I was also having trouble with it. After that, I tried skype web. I thought skype web was working well. I also searched for the solutions and found some latest news articles about this issue. According to Windows Central, This problem was not occurring in skype web. But i also faced this issue on skype web. Even sometimes, I could not login into my skype account. Then, I became damn sure that it was skype network or server issue. I was right. I found online that it was skype network issue.

    But the latest update is Microsoft is working to fix this issue. According to Skype Heartbeat

    We have identified an issue which may cause some users to be unable to login or see their contacts. Remaining signed in will lessen the impact.

    On 20th November, I found in Skype HeartBeat that the problem was fully resolved. This is the link:

    But i’m still having trouble. May be there are other users who are also facing this issue. But, Microsoft should take this problem seriously. Because, There are millions of skype users around the world.