Excessive Internet Use Can Bring These Mental Disorders

Excessive Internet Use Can Bring These Mental Disorders

October 22, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Modern technology has many pros and cons on mental state.  There are highly productive chances of constantly changing the human psychology by the Internet. You get all those funny cat videos, GIFs, tutorials, blogs, celebrity updates and other handy tips & tricks all over the web world. So, you spend as much as possible free time over the internet. Well, there are also a rising number of mental disorders directly associated with our daily use of internet through our modern devices like smartphone, tablets and PCs. Psychological illnesses can cause for the overuse of internet.

    Using internet can cause mental disorders

    Can Internet Cause Mental Disorders?

    Extreme use of anything in this world doesn’t bring positive effect on human life. So, excessive use of internet in our daily life refers to interrupt psychological disorders. A precious fact is that you can found every possible tool, interesting contents, and thrilling games over the virtual internet world. But, when it is being used in excess and get in the way of your personal work, relationship and hampers your daily life routine you should get aware of the fact that you are probably in a bad mental state. so, technology related disorders may affect your life.

    Which Mental Disorders Are Brought By Internet?

    Ranging from benign to destructive, there are different kinds of psychological disorders. The medical community didn’t identify these disorders earlier and very recently they become familiar.

    Today, I will discuss mental disorders brought by the internet. Some of these disorders are the new adaption of old afflictions and some are totally new creatures. So, you may find a touch of one or multiple syndromes.

    1. Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD):

    It’s an urge to use the Internet immediately. It is also known as problematic Internet use, compulsive Internet use, Internet use or pathological internet use. It is an unhealthy urge to use the internet interrupting daily life routine. There is a controversial debate between “disorder” and “addiction” within the medical community. Actually, the obsessive using of internet symptom is a larger problem than a disorder in itself. This disorder can attribute to other disorders like depression, OCD, ADD, online gambling, online gaming addiction, cybersex addiction and social anxiety.       

    1. Facebook Depression:

    Facebook is mainly for interacting with friends all over the world. Now, there is a higher level of people suffering depression caused by Facebook. There should be a little bit correction if we think social media interactions might make us all happier as humans are social creatures. In fact, a study shows that most of the young people’s depression directly linked with the duration of the time they spend on Facebook.

    One bigger horizontal truth is that people post only good things about themselves like achievements, vacations, tours, party pics and joyous status. But, one shouldn’t believe all those information that everyone is happy in their own lives and you’re not happy otherwise. This lead to a massive depression while you believe everyone’s posts which are rarely always true. So, don’t believe everyone’s posts on Facebook.

    1. Nomophobia:

    It’s an anxiety of not having access to own mobile devices. The abbreviation of “Nomophobia” is “No-mobile-phobia”. When you’re in no electrical outlet sight and suddenly your phone dies. So, you know that horrible disconnected feeling arise anxiety attack in the thought of techno-deprivation. Actually, you may get anxiety feeling when you are separated from your phone. In today’s life, our brain is trained to be alert for incoming notifications of our phones. For that reason, you may notice many people just unlock their phone and do nothing and later repeat it again even no calls or messages have come. Though mobile phone addiction sounds like a trivial disorder. But its negative aspects are affecting people’s lives.

    4. Online Gaming Addiction:

    Online gaming addiction is noxious and urgent need to access online multiplayer games. Overuse of the Internet prone to online video addiction. So, our brain tells us we need those certain neurotransmitters (dopamine & serotonin) to feel good when we are addicted to something. Actually, our brain learns very quickly that particular activities will release neurotransmitters. So, whatever you’re addicted it can be gambling, video games or other addictions. A need for those neurotransmitters will drive you crazy and will make you want it again and again.

    1. Cybersickness:

    Dizziness and stupefaction feel while using some digital tech devices is Cybersickness. The Recent version of Apple’s iOS 7 is flatter, versatile and unique reinvention of the mobile user edge. But the unfortunate part is that it is also creating nausea among the iOS user.  Immediate after the release of iOS reached to iPod and iPad users, the Apple support forums started to fill up with complaints from users. Actually, people felt dizziness, nausea, and disorientation after using Apple’s new interface. So, the feeling of dizziness and nausea from the virtual atmosphere is Cybersickness. It happens while brain gets misled into motion sickness actually when our body isn’t moving.

    1. Phantom Ringing Syndrome:

    A feeling that makes you that your phone is ringing in the pocket. Sometimes you may check your phone for the vibration while it’s in silent mode and there is even no ringing. The weirder part is you may feel it even while the phone is not in your pocket and you may feel you’re not alone as delusional. 70 percentage of heavy mobile users reportedly experienced phantom ringing syndrome in their pocket. It’s all committed to misplaced response in our brain for the mechanism.

    1. Cyberchondria:

    It’s a mental disorder to make you believe that you have diseases after reading some symptoms blogs from the internet. Our body is a mysterious place with aches, pains, rashes, little bumps and other so many things. Sometimes we feel some trouble with our health and instantly search for the solution online. But most of the time we found so many blogs including multiple symptoms and signs for one disease. Just like some blog site has published headaches can be the symptoms of brain tumor. So, you assume that you have the certain disease after reading articles’ symptoms while it’s just a simple matter which will go away its own.

    1. The Google Effect:

    A psychological disorder created by the internet to gain little bit knowledge because all those information is one click away. Human brains have a curiosity to know every little thing. But nowadays people are getting lazy to acquire knowledge and have a tendency to believe that they don’t need to memorize. Whenever they will need to know they can Google it later. It’s a smart choice if you refer to Google Effect for your knowledge acknowledgment. But it may have some negative outcome in some situations. Just like a teenager student might not prepare himself for a test assuming that all the answers will be available on Google.


    Our thirst for the digital world will never get reduce but the fact is that we should do access it for our life’s positive adoption. Digital life isn’t as much as comfortable like our natural life. We use our brain to adapt from the digital world. The internet world is much bigger than we can imagine. So, our wants of adaptions never meet up to the marking scale and we clash with some afflictions like above described mental disorders.

    Source: PC World