Facebook Video Monetization- The ‘Facebook VS. YouTube’ Rivalry

Facebook Video Monetization- The ‘Facebook VS. YouTube’ Rivalry

November 25, 2015 By alberto

    Facebook, the social giant has finally decided to reap advertising bucks to the video publishers and to show up a ‘suggested videos’ feature to show the related videos to the user’s news feed. As Facebook has got more than millions of daily users, this would be a clear pressure on Google’s YouTube.

    In a media brief, Facebook’s vice president of partnership, Dan Rose said that, ‘We’ve heard consistently from media companies and other video creators that if they were able to make money from their videos, they would publish more’. He added that ‘We hear they get a lot of value from the distribution and promotion of their videos on Facebook… and we think this product will amplify that.’

    Facebook Video Monetization: How This Works?

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    Facebook has made a smarter step forward to rule over the digital video market than YouTube. Their very first initiative is aimed at Smartphone users as mobile platforms are the source of 75% views of Facebook videos. The number of videos shown is almost same for both Facebook and YouTube, but only 50% of the views come from mobiles for YouTube.

    • Payment Scheme:

    Facebook has introduced a similar looking smarter payment scheme for the content creator and ad revenues. The payment scheme is supposed to be ‘45% of the ad revenues of the suggested videos will be owned by Facebook, and rest 55% will be distributed among the partner whose videos are viewed in the window. And this count will be considering the time each viewer spends viewing each video clip.’

    YouTube Beware: Facebook Got A Smarter Plan!

    Till 2015, Google’s YouTube had dominated the digital video market for the better half of a decade. But since this declaration by Facebook, this is supposed to be a full-on attack on YouTube’s reign. Because of a huge number of daily user’s, Facebook had been to attract content creators to create and publish unique and interesting stuff as videos. Most importantly, Facebook took a massive step forward by offering one thing to the creator that YouTube had been offering for years- The Ad Revenue.

    Videos view per person facebook video vs youtube video

    The payment of the both social giants are same- ‘55% of the revenue going to the content creator and rest 45% staying with the platform.’ But Facebook is claiming that any video will catch more eyeballs because Facebook is showing related videos up to viewers with an improved and smart ‘suggested videos feature.’  Even people don’t have to follow any page or people for getting to the feature unlike YouTube. Those will automatically appear in their news feed.

    But Facebook still has to come up with way better tools and features for creating videos online to monetize or pull down copyrighted material that is supposed to be illicitly posted to the social network, because YouTube has done that with Content ID and some other industrial excess.